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Friday, January 27, 2012

Freedom Friday, Because Non-Stop Politics Is Kind Of Annoying But People Can Occasionally Be Awesome

I'm watching the debates, I'm listening to Newt tell me he's a Reagan Republican while he attacks Mitt for his wealth, I 'm watching Mitt campaign in his jeans so he can look more like me, I'm watching President Obama deny Keystone XL and then claim he is for all forms of energy exploitation. And I'm watching all of America sit back, scratch their heads, and watch as the circus parade passes by.

So, I said to myself, "Look, this is boring and nothing changes, and quite frankly I don't like any of these guys. It's Friday and I need a break from politics."

I agreed with myself and immediately went in search of stories about people. Regular people who like to do things other than shout at people, or depend on the government to guide them to the Promised Land.

I found two, and they both involve toys:

The first story comes to us from the Siberian city of Bernaul. The people of Bernaul are unhappy, and not surprisingly, their unhappiness comes from something other than the Siberian winter. They are unhappy with their government, because their government does not want them to protest about anything -- especially the government. This is also not surprising because Siberia is part of Russia, and we all know what Russians think of their own people.

Russian protesters in Bernaul go for the stop-action 60s-era Christmas
Special look as they protest their government.
Photo: Sergey Teplyako/vkontakte

Prosecutors are looking into the legality of the tiny little protesters, which include South Park figures, Lego Men and other cute and adorable stuffed animals who apparently think living under the Russian government sucks too.

Some of the signs read: "I'm for clean elections" and "A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin."

This is a wonderful example of why people are so much better at everything than bureaucrats.

For the complete story read the Guardian/UK article from January 26, 2012.

The second story also comes to us from the Guardian/UK, and it also features a Lego Man -- or in this case, a Legonaut.

Presumably while other Canadian teenagers were playing hockey, either on the ice or on their Playstations, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammed, both 17, spent about $400 and a few Saturdays building a spacecraft for their Legonaut. Using a commercial weather balloon and lots of ingenuity, the two sent their sky pilot to 80,000 feet above the earth.

Cameras attached to their spacecraft took 97 minutes of stunning video of the curvature of the Earth. A handsewn parachute helped the Legonaut safely return to the ground, and a GPS attached to the craft helped the teenagers find it after it landed about 80 miles away from where it was launched.

People like this give me hope that all the people in the world haven't just given up like some gray Orwellian mass of automatons. I just hope the prosecutors in Bernaul realize how stupid it is to get to the bottom of a protest being staged by toys. I also hope that some American teenagers don't try the Legonaut stunt because I'm sure they would violate at least 350 different Federal regulations in the process.

Read the complete story of the Canadian Legonaut and his Earth-based flight crew in the Guardian/UK article from January 26, 2012.

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