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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Foodstamps: Liberal Codeword for Racism. Their Racism, That Is

In past columns I have explained how Newt Gingrich is not consistent when he says he is a "Reagan Conservative," or any type of conservative for that matter. Newt is attacking Mitt because Newt pays taxes at a rate of 31% (like me) and Mitt pays at a rate of 15%. I bring this up again today because Newt is hammering Mitt for it, and well, Newt is being a faux-populist, a class warfarist, and a bit of a moron. We have a "conservative" in the White House who feels the same way about wealth as Newt does.

But today I learned that food stamps are racist and this is making my head explode. Not because this is such a stupid thing for an adult person to believe, but because I have to defend Newt on this. I am growing tired defending two guys I really don't like. My ying is fully at war with my yang, and right now I am sincerely wishing Ron Paul wasn't so naive.

On the Today Show this morning, Ann Curry got all up in Newt's grille about Newt's use of the term "foodstamp president" for Obama, when Curry really knows in her partially developed political brain that Newt meant something about black people. Newt stood her up on her pointy head on the point.

I actually know real white people who are on foodstamps, so I'm not really sure what Curry and her ilk are stabbing at. Does she think that only black people are on foodstamps? Do white people who are on foodstamps not count for anything? What about Hispanics, are they black, or white, or invisible?

An adult human being who lives in America and who gets upset because they actually think the word "foodstamp" is a white person's codeword for "black" should be ashamed.

And just FYI, Newt is referring to the fact that under the guidance of President Obama more people are depending on foodstamps than at any other time in history, therefore, he is the "Foodstamp President."

I am saddened by my logical conclusion that Libs and Dems are unaware that white people are also suffering under this current Administration.

I'm going to say what needs to be said here, and if you get mad at me for it, then you need to have a deep, introspective, honest talk with yourself: When Libs like Ann Curry get up in arms about foodstamps being a racial thing, they are showing their inherent racism and condescension. Conservatives and Libertarians, (who actually understand conservatism and libertarianism) see people. By their reaction to the word "foodstamp" it's obvious that Liberals and Democrats see color and class.

This is not my problem, it's yours.

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