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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun With Isomorphism: Bush 41 Is To Supermarket Scanners As Obama Is To Engineers

President Obama has blamed our unemployment problems on:
  1.  ATMs
  2. Automatic Check-In At Airports
  3. George W. Bush
  4. The Tsunami
  5. The Virginia Earthquake
I am not qualified to speak on items 4 & 5 because I am not a geologist and I did really poorly in Earth Science in 10th grade, even though my teacher wore a lab coat and was very serious about the earth and science. For the sake of argument, let's say that George W. Bush started it which means it certainly looks like Obama is not competent enough to clean it up, so that leaves us with items 1 & 2.

The problems caused by Items 1 & 2 started in 1992 with our then-president George H.W. Bush:

George H.W. Bush thinks bar-code scanners are amazing
in 1992, and before you know it we're all out of work.
Even though the incident was played up and hyped into legend instead of fact, it pretty much sunk Bush's re-election campaign. He came off as out-of-touch with those of us who are constantly over-charged at the Shop-Rite by these uncaring robots, and Bill Clinton was able to come in and feel the pain Bush was obviously too elite to feel.

This brings us to our current president who is actually so out-of-touch he thinks all engineers should have jobs, except for civil engineers, but that's because we're not re-building our infrastructure anymore.
Ed. Note: Hey, wait a minute! Wait just a doggone minute! Somebody needs to find out where all that money we spent on shovel-ready projects went, so we can employ all of these civil engineers.
Having worked in the computer industry since 1980, and having seen pretty much everyone I ever worked with (including me) get booted out of the computer industry, or "high-tech sector," I can easily answer the question you'll see the President answer incorrectly in this video:

The woman's husband is a semiconductor engineer who has been out of work for three years. That sounds about right. We've been churning out hardware and semiconductor engineers in this country for thirty years, which was a good thing thirty years ago, but the problem is, we don't build hardware in this country anymore and our slice of the semi- business has shrunk to embarrassing levels.

In this clip, the President shows both his arrogance (this is interesting, send me his resume), his ignorance (from what I've been told high-tech engineers are in great demand), and his talent for shameless pandering (I will follow-up on this and see what I can do).

The actual answer is: Software engineers are in demand, but since we don't do hardware manufacturing in this country anymore and we're just about out of the semi- business we have no need for all of the talented and experience hardware and semi- engineers we have.

Maybe the President should stop pretending he knows what he's talking about and put some effort in to getting his head around the enormity of the problem caused by the death of American ingenuity and manufacturing. Here's a hint Mr. President, it's not because we don't have talented and smart people in the tech-sector, it's because we don't have talented and smart people in the government.

When Americans make as much of a fuss about President Obama's inability to understand why this woman's husband can't find a job as they did about George H.W. Bush not being familiar with supermarket check-out scanners, then I'll have restored faith in our collective futures.

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