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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Belmar Man Attacks Homeless Person, Proves Why True Liberty Is Still An Illusion

Yesterday a story broke in the New Jersey area about twenty year-old Belmar resident Taylor Giresi and his unidentified seventeen year-old accomplice / videographer who taunted and beat a local homeless man and then posted the video of their exploits on YouTube. Click here to watch the video and read the story from New12 New Jersey.

Giresi repeatedly attacks and taunts the man who is obviously not capable of protecting himself. Watching the video is difficult so be prepared -- but watch it.

To me it also elicits the sad realization that true liberty can never be achieved as long as there are morons like Giresi and his little friend infecting the peace. The victim was no threat to me, my family or the liberty of society in general. That much cannot be said about the Batman-hoodie-wearing Giresi and his Boy Wonder sidekick.

As much as the inevitable police state resulting from Statism is a threat, clowns like these two men  require regular peace-loving citizens to depend on the police to protect them. The choice is forced on us by the idiots among us -- police state or the full-on anarchy of an armed vigilante citizenry.

To me, a society filled with twenty-year old immigrants who are busting their humps washing dishes and mowing lawns is far more desirable than a society that produces and coddles young men like Giresi and his buddy-with-the-court-protected-identity. This statement flies in the face of a lot of hard-core conservatives and neo-cons who think I am advocating illegal immigration. I'm not. I am advocating as easy a road to freedom and liberty for those who contribute to society as possible and as hard as that is to believe, that is completely consistent with the Libertarian point-of-view.

A country that refuses to wean bored, affluent and ignorant young men who prey on helpless people for fun while it frets over an influx of hard-working young men more than willing to take the place of the former is doomed to failure.

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