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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wayne Hills HS Update, Or, Anger Management Should Be Added to the Core Curriculum

The acting commissioner for the New Jersey State Board of Education has upheld an administrative law judge's ruling that the nine suspended Wayne Hills HS players should sit out today's championship game against Old Tappan HS.

Alot of people, including attorneys, students and parents, are of the opinion that this rush to judgment is a result of the Penn State scandal, but I contend the opposite: The nine players would have played in spite of their alleged involvement in a criminal offense (assault) if people weren't paying attention to the pervasive mentality in scholastic athletics that football programs are to be protected regardless of the ethical costs to the institution.

In other news, responses are running 48 - 0 against my opinion, mostly because I a) don't know the facts, or b) am a @#$@%:_)  @@$%^&*. Based on the language and the appalling grammar, I am guessing that 100% of the responses are from angry high school students who need to worry more about their English grades and less about football.

Although not cited in the previous post, all the information contained in that post were taken from the following sources: New York Daily News, New York Times, Newark Star-Ledger, WABC and WNYW.  

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