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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Today We're Celebrating Mainly Christmas, But All Holidays Of Course," Or, Occupy Nashville Is Just A Mirror Of Christmas At Your House

I just love the quote in the title. The girl who tried to be sincere but just ended up sounding dumb and confused could not be a better representative of the 99% if we had sent her to a re-education camp. Her mind is so polluted with political correctness she can't even let Christmas just be Christmas. Watch the video, it'll help cure your post-holiday blues.

In a gift that just keeps on giving, two erudite and serious Occupy Nashville protesters got into a bit of a tiff on Christmas Day. According to one Occupier, she's never been to a family gathering that didn't include some sort of argument, so it was really no big deal. Maybe that's why she's chosen to live in a park.

The story originally aired on Nashville's CBS affiliate News Channel 5, which promptly pulled the story and cut links to it after the report started going viral.

Anyway, these folks are fine representatives of the 99%, and to paraphrase, the rest of us of course too. These are the folks Barack Obama ran for President for and Nancy Pelosi said were the Democrat's version of the Tea Party. I can't wait until they all leave the park for jobs in the Statehouse.

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