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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time Magazine Person of the Year

I used to read Time magazine, back when it was actually a news magazine and not an opinion piece that mocks everything outside of its little liberal comfort-zone in every issue.

I was on a quick flight to Nashville over the weekend, so I picked up a copy to do some time-killing..

Two things struck me:
  1. Time thinks its readers are stupid and therefore needs to patronize them by talking down to them
  2. The line between objective journalism and editorializing has been so completely blurred that every piece, whether presented as news or opinion, is warped by the ideology of the editorial staff
I was going to go into a story-by-story dissection of the liberal myopia and misinformation I found, but quite frankly, I wasted enough time (pun unintentional) with this National Enquirer-for-the-Misinformed already.

Maybe when Leopoldo Galtieri was taunting Margaret Thatcher Time was relevant, but between the timelag inherent with magazines and the utter naivete of its politics, its simply not a relevant contributor to the national discussion anymore. Which is why its editors drive their political agenda as hard as they do - they're pandering preaching to the choir in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

Which brings us to the "Person of the Year" issue.

The editors at Time magazine would like you to believe that the protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Bahrain are no different than the lugubrious funk-addled malcontents occupying your local park. In case you aren't paying attention to anything -- they're different.

The Occupy malcontents are more closely related to the violent thugs in Greece who are upset that their personal souvlaki-flavored fatted calf has been eaten down past the gristle to the point where nothing is left for the citizens of Greece to munch on.

Sure there are a lot of people protesting things. Some are protesting because their police-state-of-residence arrests them in the middle of the night for no reason and occasionally just shoots them because they can.

Others protest because they want something from the rest of us because they have traded their individuality away to the state in return for the fantasy of three squares and a stress-free life.

There is a difference and we should make sure we understand what it is.

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