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Friday, December 2, 2011

An Obama Letter To Herman Cain and His Supporters, Especially Those Who Are New to Politics

On September 28, I endorsed Herman Cain to be the Republican candidate for president (An Early Endorsement for Herman Cain). I had some reservations about his foreign policy skills but I am a flat-taxer and I want a business-person in the White House. Those positions haven't changed.

However, for whatever it's worth I am withdrawing my support for Cain. Simply put, a man who admits to giving money to another woman for thirteen years without his wife's knowledge can't be trusted to do the nation's business. I was willing to let the story play out in regards to his other accusers, but, where there's smoke there's fire and the country is in far too much trouble right now to elect a man who cannot make proper judgements in his personal life. Errors happen and people make stupid decisions, but there comes a time when the stupid decisions stop. If stupid decisions continue by the time a person has reached Mr. Cain's age and level of success, they're no longer stupid decisions, they're calculated ones.

To say I am disappointed by Mr. Cain is an understatement. But, the reality is, politics is an ugly business filled with ugly people. I do not feel sorry for Cain. I may at some point feel bad for his campaign workers and his family but I'll withhold that judgement until the full story comes to light.

I do feel badly for the people who were new to politics -- in particular young college-aged conservatives -- who jumped on the Cain Train because it was highlining in fresh political air. They have been duped either by Mr. Cain's ignorance or avarice, and so their cynicism begins.

I say hold off on the cynicism and keep your idealism and enthusiasm on the front burner. Life happens in stages and so does political reform. It appears we may all have been sold a faulty bill of goods by Mr. Cain, but that shouldn't stop us from embracing the next candidate who reflects what we want from our governmental officials.

If we allow our cynicism and disappointment in our political process to grow we will loose. There are good people out there -- even those with faults -- who are genuine and capable. The vetting process is important to prevent another Barack Obama from ever happening again, and sometimes that vetting process makes those of us who jump on a bandwagon early look like fools.

But we are no greater fools than those who choose to deceive us by hiding their faults.

By his own admission, Mr. Cain has proven that he is not fit to lead the free world.

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