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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Even In the Occupy Wall Street Nation, Money Is Still A Way To Keep Score

"Money is just a means of keeping score."

I like this quote. It's brash. It's arrogant. It's true. It makes it plain and simple that there are winners and losers in life.

The problem is we have been shielding kids for decades from the harsh truth about winning and losing, and now they only understand that keeping score is unfair.

Our parks, ports and media are being occupied by people who were told as kids that keeping score was evil and that winning and losing doesn't matter. What matters is that everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves as long as no one is left feeling bad about anything.

Jeremy has been taught since he could walk that he is awesome. Even though Jeremy probably could have used a metaphorical swift kick in the ass from time-to-time, his parents and teachers made sure Jeremy's self-esteem was always as high as it could be. He was told he could be whatever he wanted, including a guy with a Master's Degree in Middle Eighteenth Century Baltic Art. Unfortunately, Jeremy is now saddled with debt from getting an education he can't use to support himself and boy is he pissed off at the rest of us. His self-esteem is still quite high though.

He was taught all of this non-sense to help bolster a political ideology.

This is a cruel thing to do to a human being. Jeremy has been left without the necessary coping skills for adulthood so he whines about the unfairness of a world he is unprepared for. He is unable to look at himself as an individual who is owed nothing more than the right to exist peacefully, so he looks for someone to blame for his own failures. This is why Liberalism is such a threat to the quality of individual life. Shielding people from reality because reality is ugly does not stop reality from being real. 

You can whine all you want, but money is indeed a way to keep score and the sooner you accept that fact, the happier your life will be.

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