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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barack Obama Campaign Video For College Students, Or, If My Kid Comes Home From College And Annoys Me With This Crap I'm Not Paying Next Semester's Tuition

Barack Obama's latest campaign video stars young minority males and young women of all races re-educating their families by pointing out how horrible old people are because most of us (anyone over 22 anyway) understand what a complete and unmitigated disaster Barack Obama is as a president.

Listen up old people! If your snotty twenty-something comes homes and starts preaching about Obama, make him or her sit at the kid's table, because that's where they belong -- politically speaking. Or you could call your local branch of Hare Krishna and ask them to take your kid because the Krishna's would be a more productive cult for your kid to join than the Democrat Party. (Dig the 1970s reference!)

Watch for yourself, but if you're old like me, don't send me nasty messages because your blood pressure spiked and your heartburn kicked in. I don't want to hear it, even if I could.

Obama failed with class warfare because quite frankly most people would like to raise their standard of living rather than be dragged down to the lowest common denominator just to make things fair.

Obama failed by playing the race card, because quite frankly, he's such an embarrassment that if he was an actual-grew-up-in-my-same-family-brother-and-not-just-my-brother-by-cultural-reference I would be embarrassed as hell and I would ask my mom to kick his lame ass out of the house in case I was planning on bringing some of my friends over to play xBox. But then again, I am old and out-of-touch so I'm still playing pong on my Atari.

Now Obama is going after young people who quite frankly are usually not immune to political silliness, unless of course you're me and you voted for Reagan when you were twenty. But, seriously, in Obama's America, young people are the last resort of a failing statesman, so listen you kids, stay the hell of my lawn and take away grandma's voter registration card while you're at it.

How long before Obama has Bo go after the canine vote? Because I have two dogs who are absolute socialists and who wouldn't be able to chase a cat without looking for a MilkBone first.

Hat tip to Chris Bedford at the Daily Caller for bringing this to the attention of old people everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

This was so poorly written, I cant even understand your point. And quite frankly, you used quite frankly 3 times in your blog. I'm not pro Obama, but I like to read well written blog posts. If you are going to make your case, make some sense first. Layoff the Fox News while you are at it. It's dumbing you down.