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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Cares About Bon Jovi's Stupid Bees, Or, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) Joins In the Latest American Craze: Class Warfare

I don't like Jon Bon Jovi. It's not because I think his music is twee (I do), it's because he held a fundraiser for Al Gore at his large and ostentatious Monmouth County mansion in August 2000. It was on a Friday, and to ensure that that very elitist of tree huggers Al Gore, got to his little soiree on time, the Secret Service shut down 15 miles of the Garden State Parkway which caused me to sit in traffic for three hours instead of being home grilling burgers and drinking beer. Come to think of it, an awful lot of cars sat idling on the Parkway for an awful lot of hours burning an awful lot of fossil fuel just to keep Al and Jon happy. Screw them. Hypocrites.

Enough with the kissing guys,
I just want to get home from work,
if that's okay with you.
I also don't like Bruce Springsteen much because when I was a teenager you either became a Bruce fan or you didn't. I like most of his music, but as for the guy himself? Eh, not so much and I have no other reason why. Shoot me.

He did wave at me after I let him pull in front of me on his motorcycle on Main Street in Freehold many years ago. There, I am like everyone else in New Jersey -- I have a Bruce Springsteen story.

Apparently Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) doesn't like either of these two rock icons either. But that's because they got tax breaks on their properties in New Jersey. Read Senator Tom Coburn's (R-OK) Rather Lengthy and Boring Report on Why Everyone Should Hate Millionaires By Clicking Here.

Bruce Springsteen got some tax breaks for leasing his Monmouth County property to an organic farmer and Mr. Awesome Hair himself Bon Jovi only paid $100 in property taxes on his property because he raises bees on it.

These were two examples of millionaire tax abuse in Sen. Coburn's report.

First of all, so the @#;-) what? These aren't Federal issues they're state issues, and if the laws of New Jersey happen to give tax breaks to property owners for keeping their land preserved as farmland, then it's none of the Federal government's business.

Secondly, even some poor people in New Jersey take advantage of our rather generous farmland tax laws and I don't see Senator Coburn taking them to task. For that matter I don't see that master of not-really-being-a-Libertarian-but professing-to-be-so-because-that's-his-schtick John Stossel, who is quoted frequently in Coburn's report, taking them to task either.

Enough with bashing successful people. Even if you don't like them because they're stuffy out-of-touch rock stars who pretend to be everymen and who haven't put out a good song in like two decades, they still have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In fairness, the bulk of Coburn's report is about tax loopholes that dastardly millionaires take advantage of. Maybe Senator Coburn should stop being such a hypocrite and work on a flat tax for everyone if he's so concerned about fairness.

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