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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tebowing: A Sign of American Hypocrisy or Ignorance?

I'm not sure if Tim Tebow will ever become a successful quarterback in the NFL. Most football pundits dismiss Tebow's throwing skills and pretty much predict he will fail. Lots of kids come out of college and don't live up to their expectations in the hyper-competitive NFL. Matt Leinart (USC) and Brady Quinn (Notre Dame) are two such notable examples. But Tebow is national news.

 Tim Tebow "Tebowing" during a recent Denver Broncos game

If you are a casual fan of the NFL you know who Matt Stafford is and you've probably heard of Sam Bradford. Both are college and NFL contemporaries of Tebow. If you don't live under a rock you know who Tebow is.

That's because Tebow is just about as polarizing a figure as there is in 2011. Sure he doesn't throw well, but the problem seems to be that he prays openly and unabashedly talks about his faith. He also did a Pro-Life PSA with his mother for the 2010 Super Bowl. The ad was considered "controversial" by many and was protested by many women's groups, which pressured CBS not to air the ad. (Huffington Post Feb. 7, 2010).

"Tebowing" -- the latest stupid social media fad -- is a way to either mock Tebow's overt Christianity or just have some fun at his expense. In his post on Deadspin, editor Tommy Craggs takes the Right Wing to task for being offended at people mocking Tebow (click to read). Unfortunately, even though he makes some valid points, it's obvious Mr. Craggs has quite the agenda against the Right and overtly religious people. So much for my search for objective arguments.
Packers tight end Greg Jennings kneels
in prayer after scoring a touchdown.
I have not yet heard of Jenningsing
as the latest Internet fad.

Athletes pray all the time. Some have so totally handed over control of their own destinies to God that they get really mad at Him when they drop an easy pass in the end zone. Who can forget the Buffalo Bills' Stevie Johnson and his angry Tweet to God after missing a sure touchdown catch last season? I don't know if God actually has a Twitter account, but I would assume that if He did He'd have an awful lot of followers.

"I praise you 24/7!!! And this how you do me!!! You expect me to
learn from this???How??? I'll never forget this!! Ever!! Thx Tho."

Jets and Cardinals players share
a post-game prayer.

I may have a different view of God from you, but I don't think He is so much of a micro-manager that He is responsible if you don't catch a touchdown pass. Or get you a parking spot at the Mall. It is unlikely He will drop a sack of nickels on your front porch so you can pay the cable bill. If you think He is a micro-manager, that's fine, I won't comment on your faith and you should avoid telling me I will burn in Hell because I don't agree with yours.

America likes to belive it is tolerant, but it's not, at least of people who don't conform with the current pop culture norm. America is also filled with people who are not able to discern between dangerous behavior and innocuous behavior.

Even though it was founded by people seeking it, America has never been a particularly tolerant place when it comes to religion. Or race. Or liking NASCAR. That's because America is filled with people, and people are typically not too bright when it comes to things they don't understand. And, well, someone has to go to Hell and it sure as hell isn't going to be me.

Tebow is a young man with a solid religious background and a public profile. As opposed to the myriad other professional athletes in this country who openly profess their faith, Tebow has also dared to disagree with the Pro-Choice movement in this country. Unlike other athletes who pray openly and leave it at that, Tebow entered the political arena when he did the Pro-Life PSA. That's why its okay to mock him and vilify his faith. That's kind of sad actually. He's not a leader, he's a kid with a belief and a platform. While I agree that the platform comes along with a certain level of public scrutiny, why is it necessary to publicly scorn someone you don't agree with?

Apparently in the America we live in, you can expect tolerance only if you parrot the corporate line as espoused by the MSM and dominant Left wing culture. The MSM and Left Wing find faith of any kind to be deserving of their derision and scorn. What does that get you? Voila! Tebowing and worse.

You have to question the fundamentals of any group of people who respond with condescension and anger to opinions and ideas that don't jibe with their own. I am talking to you, the Left in general and the narrow-minded amongst the Right.

We supposedly live in a free country. If Greg Jennings wants to pray after scoring a TD we should respect his rights as an American. If Tim Tebow wants to pray after making a play, and he wants to do PSA's with his mom about a subject he believes in, we should do likewise.

To do otherwise is to spit on the graves of every person who sacrificed their lives for the basic freedoms our Founding Fathers put their own lives on the line for.


Anonymous said...

could it be... maybe a slight chance that he actually is grateful to God for his gift?
Do you think that faith could actually help a persons belief in their own success?
I am not anonymous.. I am a Christian and I do not understand how anyone could insult faith in God.

Jack Sharkey said...

I think you missed the point.