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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

POP QUIZ: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis: Ugly Words or Union Cheerleader. Take Quiz Then Discuss.

Watch the video and the answer the question:

 LINK TO NBC 5 Chicago Video of CTU President Karen Lewis.

On one hand, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis thinks its okay to make fun of Education Secretary Arne Duncan's speech impediment, but on the other hand she tears up when talking about an unflattering cartoon of her in the Chicago Tribune. In her speech, Ms. Lewis also talks about the large amount of marijuana she smoked while attending an Ivy League college in the 70s because she was the only black woman there. 

This is:
  1. Fun to watch two denizens of Big Education turn on each other
  2. An example of the hypocrisy of Big Education and Big Labor in general
  3. An an example of a rapt union audience having moral turpitude by not booing a bully
  4. An example of a person who clearly should not represent anyone for anything
  5. All of the above
EXTRA CREDIT: Read more about Karen Lewis's self-admitted "ugly words," the backstory between Arne Duncan and the Chicago Teacher Union, and Ms. Lewis' completely unforced apology to Mr. Duncan: Click Link for EXTRA CREDIT.

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