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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Libertarian Manifesto: Our Government Is Completely Filled With Fools, And Its All Your Fault

For some reason you people are enamored of a big, gigantic government that will hold your hand from the time you separate from your mom right up until your own kids disown you and stick you in a facility that's 100 miles away, and you know, "it's just too far to make the trip Dad, but I'll send you a Reader's Digest with a cool article about World War II."

That's because you all think you live in a democracy (you don't). Democracy is really nothing more than mob rule, and we all know how that works out for people who aren't in the mob.

You've been told you live in a "Representative Republic," whatever that nonsense is. You don't. You live in an oligarchy that's starting to do a really bad job of convincing you otherwise.

In my daily life, I live in a meritocracy, in spite of all of this stupid government that keeps constantly knocking on my door and trying to get me to acquiesce. You probably do too, if you work, or go to school, or do normal human stuff that doesn't rely on someone else to take care of you.

Since I live in said meritocracy, I look at what a person accomplishes. Intent is meaningless. As is potential. That being said, Barack Obama is an abysmal failure as a leader, and quite frankly I'm beginning to think as a human being too.

Unfortunately for America, John Boehner isn't far behind. He's just lucky that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi keep cutting in front of him in the line for second place behind Obama.

This is the government you voted for. You wanted big government filled with professional politicians, but what you got instead is a power and intelligence vacuum at the very seat power you ceded freedom to.

That is why the Super Committee is such a joke. It was never meant to succeed.
  • Obama wanted it to fail so he could wash his hands of making the right decisions for America, which are unfortunately the wrong decisions for his party and his himself
  • Reid wanted it to fail because Obama told him so and because Reid only really worries about Cowboy Poetry festivals
  • Boehner wanted it to fail because he figured the next Congress would negate the stupidity of it by the time the budget cuts kicked in. He was assuming there would be a president not named Barry in office by then 
You were duped from the beginning because the people you hired to run your lives think you are all gullible fools. The Super Committee was just another way for these fools to kick the can down the road.

Good politics. Bad judgement. Horrendous leadership.

S&P is making noise that it is going to downgrade US debt soon because of the government's inability to govern. If I were you I'd start using your cash for kindling because in a few months it's not going to be worth anything, and we won't have any fuel to buy with it anyway.

Blame the government all you want. It's your fault though and the sooner you realize it, the better off your kids will be.

Note at the bottom: To maintain my sterling record of consistency, I will start to say extremely negative things about my congressional representatives, some of whom I voted for,  in the next few weeks.

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