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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Penn State, Or, I Sent My Kid to a College Where Football Is Sacred...Little Boys, Not So Much

College is one of only two times in life that a person knows everything. The other time is the period between 8th grade and high school graduation. Just ask someone in this age group and they'll set you straight. In fact, the MSM is so enamored of the sheer brilliance of the kids occupying various places across the country they are obviously willing to look the other way at the increasing number of sexual and property crimes being committed within the so-called "communities" springing up around the Occupy protests.

College kids shouldn't always be the arbiters of morality though.

Last night, shortly before 10:00 PM EST, the Board of Trustees of Penn State announced that Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and university president Dr. Graham Spanier were being removed from their positions. This was not only the right move, it was the only move the Board had. However, announcing the decision at 10:00 PM at a school with a segment of the student body as out-of-touch with morality and prone to poor behavior as Penn State proved to be not such a good idea.

What you have just watched is several thousand Penn State students protesting the firing of a football coach who failed to protect young children from a sexual predator he kept in his employ. Granted, it's about 1% of the total student population, but the morons chanting "Joe Pa, Joe Pa" and "We Want Joe!" as they destroy other people's property obviously don't have a problem when it comes to children being raped in the showers of their school's football program. I guess, according to this segment of the student body of Penn State, the school would have been better off if the scandal had just stayed out of sight -- like the victims themselves.

Meanwhile, Mike McQueary, the GA who admittedly witnessed Jerry Sandusky showering (and according to his Grand Jury testimony having intercourse) with a ten year-old boy, and decided to protect the kid not by beating Sandusky to within an inch of his life, but by leaving the scene and informing his coach, still has his job. Way to go Penn State.

Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the students of the university and their families have nothing to be proud of. Unless they are taking to the streets in defense of the dozens of kids whose lives were destroyed by Jerry Sandusky, the student body of Penn State needs to quiet down and do some serious introspection.

Just because Paterno was a legend on the football field does not mean he was not weak of character at best and morally bankrupt at worst. That also applies to every single person at Penn State who knew about Jerry Sandusky's depraved behavior and did nothing.

No amount of chanting or property destruction is going to change that.

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