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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Am Thankful For Barack Obama, and Unlike His Wife, I Am Proud of My Country

I am thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving Eve. My house smelled like apple pie when I woke up this morning (my wife is an early morning baker), my daughter is flying home from college. I have a job that has its moments of not sucking, and other than suffering through the results of how I treated my body in my twenties and thirties, I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in.

I'm also an American. Granted, the Obama Administration, most of the Democrat party and the totality of the MSM are trying to make me think that's a bad thing, but they simply do not have the same life experience I have. Is my life perfect? To someone living in Coite d'Ivoire, or a Mexican teenager crossing the desert in Arizona so he can go to Las Vegas and bus tables, its as near to perfect as it can be. The world is a sucky place to live in, and the amount of suckiness we deal with here pales in comparison to most of the rest of the world. I still judge the goodness of a place by the amount of people trying to live there or emulate it. The American political system is an embarrassment because of the fools we have put in charge, but the people and the country itself are unique among all countries.

That being said, I struggle with nationalism because of my philosophical beliefs, but being a pragmatist, I'm blessed to fly an American flag on my porch and I want nothing more than for every citizen on earth to be able to say that about their own circumstance. Don't be fooled by the Democrat's portrayal of other people's perception of this country. Other than the hard-core Seventh Century anachronists among the crazy wing of Islam, we are still admired for our generosity, spirit and industriousness. The recklessness of ill-informed and oft times poorly intentioned foreign policy notwithstanding.

But most of all, speaking politically, I am thankful for Barack Obama. His complete and utter ineptitude and malice toward the principles most Americans still hold dear will serve as a wake call to us all. Obama's wake-up call will make the post-Carter wake-up call look like an errant hit of the snooze alarm as we look back from history. As long as we heed it. 

Barack Obama has no awareness of history, political science, or philosophy while at the same time he has a distorted view of his abilities and his place in the world. This is a good thing. The American people gifted Obama the White House because we took the words of a smattering of political agendists who view being mad at America as no different than harboring resentment toward their dads.

No one paid attention to Obama, his history, his ideologies or his abilities as we looked the other way and gave him the run of the joint like a love-sick teenager hopes her prom date doesn't notice her acne. And now we've been reminded just how silly it is to depend on a bureaucrat to provide anything other than bureaucracy.

Cults of personality, idol worship, genuflecting to royalty, and kissing up to smarmy pointy-headed politicrats is not the American way, and I have faith my neighbors will understand this...even the ones who voted for Obama the first time because they thought they were actually doing something positive.

That's why I am thankful for Barack Obama. Like a harsh smack in the face, he has reminded us of who we don't want to be.

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