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Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Part V: He Was A Leftist Until I Explained to Him He Wasn't A Leftist

I ran across David M., from the "Hudson Valley" in New York, sitting on a wall at Zuccotti Park. As I mentioned it's the content of the signs that intrigue me more than the general appearance of the person. I was a dopey malcontent not too long ago, and frankly if you were to ask my wife she'd say she was surprised to hear I used the word 'was.' But regardless of that, I've been waiting for a few years for kids to take their discontent out to the street and the fact that they don't see things as I see them doesn't scare me.

David M. from New York. Like most of
the people at Zuccotti park he was just
sitting and waiting to be interviewed.

On the bottom right of his sign are the words "Dead Prez." 

Me: So I get the big words but what do the little words in the corner mean?
David: It's a music group.

Me: So what's that got to do with the rest of your sign?
David: It's the name of one of the albums. The whole album is about self-reliance, umm, like, anti-politics and pretty much discipline. All about self improvement I would say. Ed Note: Dead Prez is an American hip-hop duo who have been around for about fifteen years.

Me: Okay, cool. So, do you consider yourself on the Left or on the Right of this whole issue right now?
David: I'm a Leftist.

Me: Okay, but, you listen to music that talks about self-reliance and political freedom and so on and so forth. I'm a libertarian so you would think I'm on the completely other end of the spectrum from you wouldn't you?
David: Ahhh, I don't. I mean I have Leftist views but...

Me: What libertarians believe is 'leave us alone and let us do our own thing. I don't need help.' Would you agree with that?
David: Yeah I would agree with that.
Me: Right, so you're really closer to what I believe than what a Leftist would believe, because the farther you go to the Left the more you're relying on someone else to do your thing for you. 
David: Right, I just think we should be left alone to take care of ourselves.

IBEW Union Guy Sitting Next to David: I have a sticker on my hardhat that says "I refuse to give up any more of my freedom."
Me: But that's a paradox because you already gave up some freedom to your union.

With that the IBEW Union Guy Sitting Next to David proceeded to filibuster for ten minutes about how labor unions were doing something that had to do with labor and greedy corporations and getting a fair slice of the pie from the man but there's no work because of things that management are doing and his union gives him free health care and a pension or something but there's so much regulation that his specialty doesn't exist anymore or it's over-regulated or something. I don't really know because I kind of checked out and started thinking about getting a slice of pizza right after I heard the word 'freedom' and saw the IBEW patch on his shirt.

Here's the point, David is all about doing things with discipline and morality. He's all about being a rugged individualist and not depending on others. He's a libertarian but he just doesn't know it because all of his life it has been explained to him that being on the Left is the only proper side to be on. I have a hard time believing David does not have company.

Again, we need to stop dismissing a good portion of these people and we need to start embracing their desire for change. Because with a little education there are not many people who will disagree with what we stand for -- as long as we overcome the constant drone of the MSM, labor unions and Democrat party.

There's a lot of people who don't want to be on the Left, they've just not been given a viable alternative.

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