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Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Part III: They're the Ones With the Money and They're Being Really Selfish About It, and A Unique Take On Rick Perry and Gardisil.

Kevin B. - College Student
The sign that New Jersey college student Kevin B. was holding caught my attention. I saw it and thought to myself  "anarchist," so I was intrigued. I like to talk to anarchists because they're usually pretty crazy, and being a minarchist (in theory) myself, well I just had to stop by for a chat. By the way, I'm not an anarchist because I don't fully trust you to behave yourself, but I can dream can't I?

Me: Is this a Wall Street problem or a government problem?
Kevin: Let's face it, Wall Street has a lot of control over the government and it sucks to say that but it's true. People with the money are paying the government so they don't have to have high taxes. So if they don't have to have high taxes they can put their taxes on the middle class and the poor. That's not fair at all. They're the one's with the money, you know, and they should be the ones giving back but they're being really selfish about it. They lost who they really are because of the money. So the money needs changing.

Me: Does that come from the way government is set-up or from the way corporations operate in general?
Kevin: It's from the way the government is set up. Because they're, basically, it's two and two, it's the government and the corporations, because they're combined so it's actually one government. In a way. Because corporations have more control. It sucks to say that but it's true. They have more control over the government because they give the government money to support their product. For example, there was a politician, he got money to run for governor from a pharmaceutical company and he also basically pushed that product out for testing for a specific disease and that was the only brand. He passed a law that said you can only use that brand of that vaccine. So they had to obviously give money for that. So basically he got paid, he was basically paid to be a puppet.
Me: Ok.
Kevin: You understand dude?
Me: Got it.

Me: Do you consider yourself a Democrat or a Republican? Are you on the Left or the Right of the issue?
Kevin: I don't believe in any of that.

What I understood was that Kevin was a sincere kid who honestly believed something was wrong, but he just couldn't quite seem to figure out what it was. I also understood that he was talking about Rick Perry but that he did not have even a rudimentary grasp of the Perry / Gardisil issue. We've got a problem people, and kids hanging out in a park trying to change things isn't it.

Our problem is the MSM and our educational system feeding people only what they want them to know.

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