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Friday, October 14, 2011

I Wonder Whose Kid Mr. Deutsch Hopes Will Get Shot In Order to Give His Pet Movement It's "Moment?"

Donny Deutsch, who's name I am constantly in fear of mis-spelling, is the chairman of Deutsch Inc. He is also the guy NBC trots out whenever they need to trot out a middle-aged know-it-all who is able to pontificate on matters NBC thinks I should be thinking.

In the video clip below Mr. Deutsch says the Tea Party "repulses" him and the Occupy Wall Street movement needs to "grow up." Oh yeah, he also says the OWS movement needs a "climax of class warfare" that results in a "Kent State moment."

If you still need more proof about the agenda of NBC News, then I know a park in lower Manhattan you need to go camping in.

Well, that got your blood boiling didn't it? Deutsch is most definitely a... he's a... dope, but he's a powerful and influential dope.

I thought it might be helpful to contrast and compare the Tea Party with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Ten Things the Tea Party stands for:
  1. Lower taxes
  2. Governmental fiscal responsibility
Ten Things Occupy Wall Street stands for:
  1. Wall Street sucks
  2. Corporate greed sucks
  3. The Tea Party sucks
  4. You suck
  5. Mom and Dad suck
  6. College sucks
  7. The police suck
  8. Republicans suck
  9. The financial system sucks
  10. Everybody sucks
Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party, NBC News and college professors everywhere are all rooting for the Occupy Wall Street movement because it's not the Tea Party (See Item #3).

If you are standing firm behind the philosophy and ideology of the OWS movement let me remind you exactly what its cheerleaders like Donny Deutsch are rooting for:

Shout out to WeaselZippers for dredging this video nugget of Left Wing sophistry up.

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