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Friday, October 28, 2011

November 2nd General Strike

After the violence that occurred in Oakland this week, rumors have begun to circulate that a general strike is being planned for November 2. At first blush, this seems like just another Occupy Something maneuver to propagate the movement.

The last general strike in the United States was held in 1946 in the San Francisco Bay Area (see link) stemming from general unrest over wage suppression throughout the US at the time. The strike was initially a labor union movement but quickly morphed into a peaceful protest within the community-at-large. My opinion is that the details and history of this period of unrest in the US is largely ignored by historians because it is too closely related to the end of the Second World War, the beginning of the Cold War and the anti-Communist fervor of the 1950s. We are currently being instructed that general strikes are something they do over there in Europe because Europe has become such a Socialist cesspool. But we here in the US have a long and valuable history of protest.

Maybe it's time for the nation in general to voice its dissatisfaction with the government we have saddled ourselves with. Karl Denninger, who is largely credited with coining the phrase "Tea Party" (from his exhortations to mail tea bags to Congress in 2009) if not with being the movement's founder, has come out in favor of the strike scheduled for next week. Read his opinion here: Click Link. He makes a ton of sense.

The Tea Party movement has indeed been hijacked by the intractable wing of the GOP to the point that much of its original message of fiscal responsibility and containment of governmental financial incompetence has been lost. The Occupy movement is quickly becoming a bastion of the fringes of society who would be displeased and anti-whatever no matter what condition the economy was in.

Once again, the people who make the country work have been silenced.

Maybe it's time to take a day and shut it all down.
  • Reject Fox News, CNN, and any major media outlet
  • Generate no taxable income for the government, which pretty much means doing nothing for the day but voicing your unhappiness with your government
  • Generate no commerce for the day to show that the power of the country is still in the hands of those of us who generate commerce
  • Reject any connection to Big Labor, public labor and any other organized group with any political function whatsoever
  • Support the infrastructure of the country by remaining peaceful and community oriented
I am assuming that most of you regular visitors have concluded that I've finally gone over the edge.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I am simply saying is that the majority of this country, the people who keep the whole thing up and running, have once again been sheepled by the political extremes and the media. We sit back and watch everyone else decide what's good for us even though we all know we are on a disastrous course. Until we change that apathy, we have no one to blame for the shape of things but ourselves. When the general population takes to the streets the people who are currently guiding the national conversation -- organized labor, disorganized discontented twenty-somethings, semi-organized middle-aged Americans who are tired of the current tax structure -- will quiet down and take notice.

How quickly would the people we have put in power stop muddling around and actually get down to the business of course correction if they realized the citizenry had put themselves back in charge of the whole thing? It would take one day.

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