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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chris Christie. Another Defeat For The Mainstream GOP

Chris Christie is doing his Joisey Schtick right now telling people for the umpteenth time that he is not running for president in 2012, even though the MSM insisted on telling us otherwise.

Christie is doing the right thing by not running. I've said it before and I'll say it again, New Jersey sucks and Christie gave us his word he would attempt to diminish some of our statewide suckiness. He's done a couple things, but I drove on Rt 73 in Cinnaminson late Sunday night and I gotta tell ya - Jersey still sucks. Go back to work Guvnah.

In related news, Country Club pro shops across the Northeast are running out of Tums and Prep H.

This is because Christie has handed the mainstream GOP a defeat that is as great to them as the defeat handed President Obama last November. These are the very people who gave us George Bush and his dad, Bob Dole, and John McCain. Christie was the anti-Obama but he was still one of them. These folks are not serious conservatives, they just want to be liked by Democrats and Brian Williams. 

I'm not saying Christie would be like the people I just mentioned, in fact Christie scared the GOP intelligentsia right out of their loafers, but to them Christie was still better than the people who are not named Perry or Romney. Christie is more conservative than those four GOPers of the Apocalypse and in terms of New Jersey politics he makes Ron Paul look like Al Sharpton, but out in the rest of the country he is just barely to the right of the mainstream GOP. The Federal government needs more than GOP-Lite right now, but GOP-Lite is the only thing that can help New Jersey. See how that works?

The MSM is also regretting having flautas for lunch in honor of National Taco Day. They thought Christie was fat and sarcastic but without any political gravitas, so to them he was going to be fun to cover, and easy to defeat.

Remember the following:
  • it was the MSM who pushed Bachmann until she imploded over Gardisil and that phantom mom who's daughter suffered from "mental retardation" after receiving the vaccine. MSM 1, America 0.
  • it was the MSM who pushed Rick Perry until his head exploded and his mind went blank during the last debate. MSM 2, America 0.
Makes you kind of wonder about the MSM's agenda, don't it? Now the MSM has to figure out how to cover Herman Cain. They can't be mean to him but they sure as hell don't want him to win. America finally wins one.

Here's some reality for the braintrust at the RNC:
  • Mitt Perry and Rick Romney are not going to solve anything other than possibly removing Obama from office. They are interchangeable nitwits who should not be taken seriously by people who have put some effort into having a clue about how the world works
  • Herman Cain is not going to go away and that will make Biff and Muffy uncomfortable. Not because he is black. He's a Baptist for crying out loud!
  • Newt Gingrich deserves serious attention because his brain functions at a high level. It's the rest of him I worry about. How much you want to bet the MSM starts pushing Newt real hard in the next few weeks?
Now the uninformed mainstream GOP has something in common with the silly Palinistas out there: neither one is going to get what they want. That's a good thing.

America, it's time to get serious because look what happened when you all played around with your civic responsibilities in 2008.

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