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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Win In the Arena of Ideas, Not By Slinging Mud With Thugs

Read this quick little post by a Jimmy Hoffa apologist: CLICK HERE.

We have the ideas, knowledge, and history on our side. They only have our mistakes on theirs. We don't need to act like thugs and non-intellectuals to get our points across. That's the domain of the thug culture of the Left. Every time someone from our side allows themselves to be used by the Left, our cause gets hurt, and as a result so does the country.

Go, take to the streets, but be smart. Stick to ideas and avoid wrestling in the mud with those who brought the mud to the party in the first place. The Left can't compete in an unemotional battle of ideas - they depend on demagoguery and misrepresentation to win their points.

Be armed with facts and good cheer, and leave the stupid posters and moronic stereotyping to those who are devoid of both.

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