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Friday, September 2, 2011

Will The Real Racists Please Stand Up

Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) also spoke at the same function as Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and Jesse Jackson last week, but his words took a little longer to climb out from under the rock they were meant for. (See "It's Time For An Honest Dialogue About Race" August 24, 2011)

"Some of them in Congress right now, of this Tea Party, would love to see you and me hanging from a tree." 
He also said that there are members of Congress who want to see blacks become second class citizens. Representative Carson is apparently not very bright and obviously doesn't pay attention to reality. That's his problem. However, the country as a whole has a different problem.

It's not 1963. It's 2011. It's time to move on, but instead we are moving backward. Only this time the blame falls squarely at the feet of Reps. Carson, Waters and Wilson and their ilk. I have met far more racists who are black or Hispanic than I have met who are white. Sure, I have met plenty of racist white people and I feel sorry for all of them, but I have met so many blatant racists who are not white that I have become cautious when meeting a person who is a different race than me because I honestly believe I am being automatically discounted because of my skin color more times than not. I am not the only peron in this country with the same feelings, but I may be among the first to talk about it openly. The vicious human disgrace of racism seems to have flopped 180 degrees on its side.

The accusations of racism against those of us who are legitimately opposed to President Obama's policies and lack of leadership are growing tiresome. Those who fall back on the old class warfare workhorse of 'racism' because they have nothing else of substance to say need to be relegated to the trash heap of history. It's a shame our President is not a strong enough leader to lead his backers away from the crutch of these fatuous attacks, but he's not. In fact, it seems like that's all he's got, so we'll just have to deal as he stirs the flames of ignorance to save his job.

If you voted for Barack Obama strictly because of his race, you should be ashamed of yourself for being a practicing racist, but repeating your mistake will only get us into deeper trouble. If you are unable to admit you were wrong and vote as an American in 2012, you are simply digging us a deeper hole. I am worried that a vast majority of people who can't defend Obama's policies or leadership will still support him at the polls because of some blind allegiance to his skin color.

I can't think of a greater tragedy for the American people than the racial revenge factor coming into play once again in 2012. Obama has done more to divide this country along racial and social lines than any other president in the past sixty-five years. If we're going to move forward with success and progress we all need to get past the racial politics of Obama and his most fervent supporters.

Good Americans who care about their country and their children: stand up and tell the people who only see race among those who disagree with them to stop the foolishness and open their ears and eyes. It's time we all used our intellects to solve our problems.

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