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Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Am A Libertarian

Watching "102 Minutes That Changed America" yesterday I was reminded why my political philosophy is what it is.

There were no race classifications. Everyone there was covered in the white dust of death and evil.

There were no religious divisions. Religion attacked the towers, but human beings worked to save other human beings. Hatzollah EMT's didn't ask what religion an injured person was before treating them. NYFD, NYPD and PAPD personnel weren't concerned if a person in need of aid was of the same religion that was hijacked to perpetrate the attacks.

The only evident political philosophies on display were survival, concern for personal safety, concern for members of the attacked community, and the desire to make sure loved ones were safe.

Police and other government personnel did not have the time or interest to check a person's background, race, color or creed before directing them to safety or while they kept the flow of rescue personnel moving freely. There was no concern other than the perfect execution of their most basic - and most important - job.

As a nation, our concern was for ourselves first. As a people our concern was for ourselves and our families, and the ability to freely act on those concerns.

Of course government played an important role that day. Reality-based Libertarianism understands that. But government officials operated solely within the parameters of our community's directive, nothing more.

There was no room for Liberals or Conservatives, Republicans or Democrats.

We were all Libertarians that day.

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