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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Week In Review: Government Gone Wild Edition

I haven't done a TWIR in a while, but there's a lot of things to cover on this Friday morning so, let's get at it.
  1. There is supposedly a "credible but unconfirmed threat" coming from sources in Pakistan about car bombs in New York and Washington over the coming weekend. Mayor Bloomberg breathlessly broke in with a news conference last night. On television this morning, Joe Biden spoke very softly and calmly like your grandpa telling you that because of your looks you were likely to remain a virgin for the rest of your life. The gist of their words: carry on about your normal business and don't be alarmed. Excuse me for not getting my Fruit of the Looms all in a bunch over this, but I don't believe them. Why are they coming on television and telling us our lives are threatened while they are at the same time telling us not to worry? There are credible but unconfirmed threats every day of the week. But this happens to be the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks so what better time to scare the willies out of everyone? This is just the government and MSM reminding you that we need them to get by on an hourly basis in our poor pathetic miserable lives. I'm not saying there is no threat, I'm saying the threat isn't any higher today than it was two weeks or two months ago. Fear is what the Church used to keep people in line during the Dark Ages. Modern government is just carrying that tradition of leadership forward.
  2. President Obama chastised the Republicans in Congress seventeen times last night, exhorting them to pass his bill right away. President Obama was angry. He's farted around playing golf and dividing the country by race and income for almost three years and now he realizes the American people don't have fourteen months to wait around looking for the economy to improve. Plus, he's figuring he'd better do something now if he wants to be president again. And he really, really, really, wants to be president again.
  3. You Republicans have the power now. I know this because President Obama said so. Well, what he actually said was "even the Republicans like what's in my bill, so pass the bill right now." I didn't count, but he mentioned 'Republican' like thirty-four times and 'Democrat' no times. He's playing to you, you rascally GOPers, because you're winning the fight. Don't give in and don't be stupid. Now is your chance to softly rest your fuzzy slippers on the throat of Socialism. Wait, that doesn't make sense. The hell with the "new tone of civility" the Dems want us to use. Now is the time to press your boots on the throats of Socialism. Of course, you usually do give in and you usually do act stupidly, so don't come whining to me when you lose the fight again.
  4. Oh yeah, and he's also calling you GOPers out so when the economy doesn't improve, regardless of what the Feds do, he can tag you with the blame.
  5. Lots of people on various social networks are up in arms because first responders and recovery workers were not invited to the anniversary ceremonies at the World Trade Center site on Sunday. They are all horribly offended by this incredibe slight thrown at them by Mayor Bloomberg. "He sucks" you say to yourselves. I agree with you, but not because of this. It's an active construction zone in a limited physical area. Sunday is for the families of the people who were slain by the Islamic terrorists.* The families of the slain should have priority on a such an important day, don't you think?
  6. Lots of people on various social networks are up in arms because religion is being excluded from the anniversary ceremonies at the World Trade Center site on Sunday. They are all horribly offended by this incredibe slight thrown at them by Mayor Bloomberg. "He sucks" you say to yourselves. I agree with you, but not because of this. Religion has never been a part of any of the previous nine remembrance ceremonies simply because it would be wrong to pick and choose which religion should take part - even though we all know your religion is the most important one. Politicians aren't making speeches either, so the religion of politics has been banned as well. Sunday's ceremony is about remembering the people we lost, not about proselytizing and politicking. Each religious group will in fact have an opportunity to have their own ceremony upon their request.
  7. The jobs bill that we should pass right away is really just more smoke and mirrors and shame on you for thinking otherwise. Tax breaks to hire people is not what makes companies hire people. How naive are you anyway? Tax relief on profits are what drives companies to seek more profits which in turn makes them hire more people. Even though all of us mean old wily white people will earn more money and that just makes you mad as spit...that's the way it works. Also, spending $300 billion more to pave roads is not going to do a damned thing to fix the economy and you are really starting to annoy me for thinking otherwise.
  8. Joe Biden said this morning, in his very hushed and serious manner, that the Obama Jobs Act & Magic Show offers a tax holiday from FICA. Errrr. Ummm. Excuse me. FICA is Social Security. Social Security is broke. What  better way to keep it solvent than to let people not pay into it? And yet you people continue to get your tail feathers ruffled every time someone with common sense calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme.
  9. I would take President Obama's tax credits for hiring veterans idea one step further. Any veteran who saw active duty in a hot theater (meaning there were bullets flying, not that it was hot out) should not have to pay income taxes. Again. For the rest of their lives. Period. We sent them off to war, the least we can do is let them live here without strangling them paying for the country they put their lives on the line for when they should have been chasing members of the opposite sex, cutting class and drinking Jello shots.
Have a nice weekend.

* Yes I called them Islamic terrorists. Granted, their view of Islam was (and is) pretty perverted and obscene, but they flew those planes into those buildings in the name of Allah. Deal with it. If that offends you, I suggest you talk to the jihadists. I don't write history I just write about history.

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