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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Take on the Reagan Library GOP Debate

Last night, MSNBC televised the GOP debate which was held at the Reagan Library in California. There was no clear cut winner, however there were a couple of clear cut losers, chief among them the network that sponsored the debate. NBC was the big loser because of its racial pandering, inept moderation and pointedly anti-anyone-on-the-stage bias.

Since the country is turning blue waiting for my take on the debate, let's get right at it. Winners to losers ranked 1 to 8.

First let's look at NBC.

Brian Williams is a nice guy. I really like him. Plus he's a Jersey guy from up the road so he gets some extra props. But, in his lifelong attempts to be perceived as a concerned person, his halting speech has become a habit, and quite frankly, it's annoying as hell. John Harris is the editor of Politico.com. I follow him on Twitter and I know his politics, objective he's not.

In one of the saddest yet most hilariously pandering moves I've ever seen, NBC trotted out an Hispanic with an actual real-life Spanish name to ask questions about immigration. Good God, the people in this country who think this is meaningful are stupid. I didn't bother to catch his name, so I will refer to him as "Mexican Guy." This should not be offensive to anyone. I am simply referring to him how NBC wanted me to perceive him. I honestly think the noodniks at NBC thought Michelle Bachmann might shoo him away with a nauseous look on her face right after Mitt asked him to do a better job raking the lawn clippings next time. If you are getting offended at my take on "Mexican Guy," yet you were not  offended by NBC trotting him out to prove their point, well then a) you have no sense of humor and b) you are a big dummy because you missed the whole point. By the way, the point of "Mexican Guy"? NBC wanted to prove, for once and for all, that Republicans, especially Tea Party people, find brown-skinned people distasteful. Too bad we don't live in a country that finds that mindset within a major news network distasteful.
  1. Herman Cain. All of you "true" conservatives and all of you "Libertarians," pay attention to what Mr. Cain is saying. He is still light on foreign policy, but there is no one speaking more clearly about what has to be done in this country. His "9-9-9" plan is as close to a fair/flat tax as we are going to get, and it will set the economy on fire. Right now, if I was voting in the primary today, my vote is for Cain. He is the closest to a true Reality-based Libertarian as there is on the national scene.
  2. Ron Paul. He was real, he was informed, and he was far less crazy than he was in Iowa. I sincerely hope Libertarians don't hitch their wagon to him, but he is good to have around to keep the RINO's in check. One debate doesn't mean a whole lot, and I strongly urge the anti-war crowd amongst the Libertarians to think deeply about what they want to happen next year as opposed to what can actually happen.
  3. Rick Santorum. I still have a hard time getting past that goofy smirk on his face but he had some fire in his belly and he was on point with almost every question. He can't win the nomination, but again, he's good to have around to neutralize the RINO's.
  4. Newt Gingrich. Granted, the ad naseum push back on the moderators is getting old, but the man knows from which he speaks. There should be a place for him in the halls of leadership in this country, I just don't think it's the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  5. Rick Perry. I've got to give the guy props. He got his butt kicked last night, and he truly was the pinata of the evening (shout out to "Mexican Guy" and Tom Brokaw). He's not a conservative, in fact he's barely even a RINO, but he has some good ideas, and he'll do good with the moderates. By the way, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, deal with it.
  6. Mitt Romney. He's slick and he's a RINO (from my way out here in Libertarian-land viewpoint) but he's going to appeal to the "independents." I scored him low because he's really all about talking points, he just presents them in an experienced package. It's too bad we have to kowtow to the moderates and independents though...after all, it was moderates and independents that gave us Obama.
  7. Jon Hunstman. The only reason he's not last is because Bachmann was there. I'm sorry but this guy gives me the creeps. And the whole "Rick" and "Mitt" nonsense and the smarminess that oozed from his every pore as he spoke just turned me off. He raised no good points and seriously, Utah has like 12 people, you can't compare Utah to Massachusetts or Texas. The reason the MSM loves Huntsman is because he's creepy and he projects all the bad things the liberals in this country moronically prescribe to everyone on the Right, while at the same time he's a safe good old-fashioned liberal.
  8. Michelle Bachmann. I just want to say, talking points, talking points, talking points. What was the question? No matter, talking points, talking points, talking points. She should fire her handlers and get some experience and she'll be a force to reckon with. Right now, it is glaringly obvious she does not have the gravitas to perform on the national stage.
We've got some bone fide contenders running for the nomination. I just hope the Republican base does the right thing and nominates the candidate with the policies, experience and temperament to get the job done.

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