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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Losing Respect for Chris Christie

I am from New Jersey. I like smart-alecks, smart-asses, wise-asses and wise guys. I like buttered hardrolls and pork roll. Endless traffic is not an issue but people from New York who move here and complain that it's not like New York are. I will die young from smog and stress, or I will grow old and crotchety and yell at kids for walking on my tiny little strip of the Garden State. I think people who live elsewhere are nice and everything, but they're just not, well, tough enough to fight the parking lot madness at our local mall on a regular basis. I voted for Chris Christie and I like the way he smacks down nincompoops. I'm too busy to suffer nincompoops gladly.

However, I haven't seen much of a change from the time The World's Most Creepy Governor, Jon Corzine was in office. I hear Governor Christie bloviate on a lot of things. I hear him yell at people. I've watched him become a YouTube sensation several times. But at the end of the day, New Jersey still sucks. It's too expensive, it's too costly to live here, and I have to pay way too much for things that don't increase my quality of living.

I dislike the MTV series The Jersey Shore because I think the people in it, and the people who are fans of it, are morons and stereotypes. By the way, to you people lucky enough to not live in New Jersey, don't let the New Jersey Supporters fool you...Seaside, and most of New Jersey, is completely filled with people like the brilliant talents on The Jersey Shore. The problem is, they all come from two tiny little counties way up north and Staten Island, which is in New York but we somehow got stuck with.

Governor Christie, realizing that The Jersey Shore is horrible and makes us all look ignorant, has canceled a $420,000 tax credit that was promised to The Jersey Shore's production company. That is stupid, lame and reactionary. Just because it gives you good press doesn't give you the right to cancel a promise. You knew what The Jersey Shore was about before you took office yet you continued to offer the tax credit until it became politically expedient to do otherwise. That is not good governance. We call that pandering.

Now I hear - constantly - that you are "seriously considering" a run for president next year. This after denying you would run so vehemently that you threatened to commit suicide to prove you wouldn't run. Hey Gov, people's words mean something. Maybe not elsewhere, but here in New Jersey they do.

Governor Christie, listen to me because I know what I'm talking about. You started out as an anti-politician with a good line about fixing government. You worked at that for a little, but then nothing changed. Now you are just another hack politician who is looking for legal ways to get your mug in the paper.

From one Jersey guy to another...fugheddabout it. Just go do your job and stop enjoying all the butt kissing you've been getting lately. It's embarrassing the both of us.

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