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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Liberal Columnist Mike Barnicle Boldly Admits MSM Not Capable of Being Objective When It Comes to Sarah Palin

Mike Barnicle, the Liberal voice of New England and a frequent NBC and MSNBC contributor defended Jimmy Hoffa's remarks by being honest for a change. Unfortunately, his honesty didn't really make sense, and it obfuscated the truth of what Hoffa said in introducing the President of All The People of the United States, but it's a start.

The following Q&A excerpt was taken from this morning's Morning Joe on MSNBC, courtesy of the website Newsbusters.

SCARBOROUGH: Sarah Palin's people put up little targets: these are targeted districts, on a PAC website that nobody sees. Nobody, right? So that's that context. Kind of isolated. Hoffa delivers a speech before the President of the United States comes up and delivers a speech at the same spot. That context is actually far more serious than the context of a website somewhere out in the ethernet that nobody sees. The context I think it more troubling in this case.

BARNICLE: Well first of all, Sarah Palin is going to get brutalized and demeaned by the media no matter what she does. So I don't think you can compare Sarah Palin's targeting of districts with what Jim Hoffa says before a labor group in Detroit. We're going to pile on Sarah Palin. Any sane person knows that we're going to do that.
"We're going to pile on Sarah Palin. Any sane person knows that we're going to do that." I am no Sarah Palin fan, and I sincerely hope she does not enter the 2012 primary race, but I have disagreements with her on substance, not from some childish cultlike phobia as Barnicle admits to here.

To him and his ilk, objectivity isn't even a consideration. Remember that the next time you are being told by the MSM how foolish you are.

Read more: Newsbusters.org

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