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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Joe Biden: Unions Equal to Feds In their Battle Against the American People

Speaking at an AFL-CIO rally Vice President Joe Biden tells his union audience that they are "the only non-governmental power" that has the "capacity to stop this onslaught" against unbridled union power in this country. He also tells his enraptured union audience that they are the "only folks keeping the barbarians from the gate." By that I guess he means those of us who are concerned about the inability of our country to pull itself out of a recession because of the policies of unions and democrats. Make no mistake, in this speech VP Biden declares that labor unions are equal to the Federal government in their combined fight against the middle-class in this country when he says the bad people are trying to take away "our right to exist."

This speech was not reported by the MSM. The fervor and the rhetoric should be chilling to everyone who understands the status quo in this country is not working anymore.

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