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Monday, September 26, 2011

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Herman Cain?

On Saturday, Herman Cain won the Florida GOP straw poll by a 2:1 margin. This is a significant victory. To those of us who understand Mr. Cain's politics his victory was a nice affirmation. To the rest of the world, and by "rest of the world" I mean Democrats, Republicans and the Main Stream Media, Mr. Cain's victory was as frightening as having the boys from Delta Tau Chi show up at your engagement party.

This morning, the MSM is claiming the delegates in Florida placed a "protest vote" when they voted for Cain over Perry. Excuse me, MSM, your subtle racism has spilled on aisle nine. I mean seriously, he is the former executive at a pizza company they derisively explain to you, which saves them from having to accuse Cain of being anything else.

Mr. Cain is scary to the MSM because he is a black conservative so it will be hard for them to pin him with the racism tag when he attacks their pet president. Plus if they attack him, well...there you go.

Ditto the Democrat party.

Mr. Cain is scary to Republicans because he is not a Republican. He is simply doing what all smart Libertarians and Conservatives should be doing - wresting control of the East Coast Country Club GOP from the liberals who run it.

Mr. Cain is scary to liberals, Democrats and Republicans who rely on the current tax code to maintain their control on the US economy.

Mr. Cain is scary to politicians because he is the former executive at a pizza company.

Mr. Cain's victory should be encouraging and refreshing to all of you who read this column on a regular basis and who don't count yourselves among the preceding categories.

The hue and cry across the land from the MSM for Chris Christie to get in the race is not because the GOP doesn't have a viable candidate. The MSM views Chris Christie as easily beatable in a national race, hence their support for him. The problem with Mr. Cain, in their eyes, is that the GOP is beginning to support a viable candidate who scares the MSM and political establishment in this country to their very core. To suggest otherwise is demeaning to both the candidate and the people who voted for him.

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