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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Early Endorsement: Herman Cain

Looking at the current field of GOP candidates for president, my core beliefs, my political philosophy and my view of government all point me to one candidate: Herman Cain. I have been a quiet supporter of his since March or April of this year but I decided to wait to see how Mr. Cain grew into the role of National Spokesperson for Sanity and the Return of Adulthood to American Politics, which is my metric for endorsement, and he's overwhelmed my expectations.

Click to visit his official website.

Here is a quick synopsis of my reasons for endorsing Mr. Cain:
  1. He has a plan to re-structure our chronically failing economy. It will take a long time to bring most of America to its senses and get it passed, but we have to start now. Those of you who are looking to immediately completely alter the current political structure in this country are dangerously naive.
  2. He is not a politician. He is not part of the ridiculous Democrat/Republican machine that is destroying this country. By the way, I fervently believe in destroying the stupidity of the current political party system from the inside, so I do not vote for third party candidates. I like to think of myself as an agent of revolution working from within.
  3. He is a real person who has had real jobs, a real family, real life experiences. He is not a Ken doll or a Manchurian candidate and I truly believe he drives his agenda, not his professional handlers.
  4. He'll be the first person I will vote for in a Presidential election without holding my nose since 1984.
That's it. Plain and simple. Read his platform. Perry, Romney, Palin and Bachmann are being presented as the best available candidates for our country right now, which is like saying I'll take an Advil to make the toothache go away. The Advil keeps you from dealing with the hassle of going to the dentist, but the tooth is just going to continue to decay. Cain's core beliefs are the best answer for this country since Ronald Reagan's in 1976. We didn't listen then and we got Carter. We've already got Carter On Steroids, so please America, don't be so dumb again.

The media is against Cain (see "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Herman Cain?" 9-26-11) because it needs to direct the national conversation to survive. The GOP is against Cain because it looks at Chris Christie as just about as conservative as it is willing to go, so there's no progress there. The Democrats don't want Cain because they're Democrats. The pushback against Cain is going to be as strong as any we've seen in recent memory, and if that alone doesn't give you a clue as to why we Libertarians should support him, then you're not paying attention.

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