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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barack Obama Dog Leash: A Leash For Your Little Dog, Too! Or, A Metaphor For Big Government

Here's what ran through my mind when I first looked at the above picture of the latest product from Barack Obama's fundraising website:
  1. There are actually idiots out there who will prance through their little gentrified neighborhoods with their little dogs tethered on this. If you see one, you should make fun of him just because.
  2. For 15 bucks you can be an a**hole too.
  3. My libertarian self can't help but think the Feds are ordering 330,000,000 of these, one for each of us to wear, metaphorically of course, not to work or anything like that. Because none of us will have jobs in the near future anyway.
  4. If he keeps governing the way he is, his only best friends will be dogs. Have I mentioned how illiterate and dumb my dogs are? They're also liberals based on their collective need for the nanny-state my wife and I have put in place for them.
  5. The President is meeting today with important world leaders at the United Nations while his purveryors of idolatry are peddling cheap (probably Chinese made) crap that destroys the gravitas of the Office of President in the name of fundraising.
People. It's a dog leash with Barack Obama's name on it. If you are not offended by the silliness your president allows in his name, you should be.

Shout out to Human Events Dot Com for turning me on to this latest product from Barack Obama's website.

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