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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama Administration's New Regulations for the NFL

New Obama Administration NFL Czar Janeane Garofalo will be releasing guidelines and regulations for the National Football League that go into effect in October 1. Luckily for all of us, I have been able to secure a list of these new guidelines and regulations ahead of their actual release.

"We've removed the outdated 'cycle' of winning and losing and added some rationality to the way these teams compete," a government spokesperson said yesterday. "The playing field is now level for those lucky enough in our American sports system to have been successful while giving the likes of poor hapless teams like Cincinnati a chance to hold their heads up high with victory once in a while. We promise this will work and we know you will begin to enjoy it as memories of the old NFL fade away."
  1. The following teams will be given a 15 point "Level The Playing Field" headstart because they are failing by the parameters of "winning" and "losing" currently used by the NFL establishment: Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars. The current NFL system is outdated because it only tracks results and does not place any emphasis on "trying." Also, things that hold teams back, like having sucky players, are not taken into account in this system. Teams located in historically blue states and non-right-to-work states may be added to this list as the NFL Czar deems necessary. Even though Detroit is off to a good start they are being grandfathered in.
  2. The following teams will be given a 10 point "Share the Wealth Assessment" to help bolster the self-esteem of the teams they are playing: Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots. This assessment will be collected in the following manner: The first 10 points these "successful" teams score will be credited to their opponents score. Once their opponent has scored 10 points on their own, the assessment points are completely removed from the scoreboard. If the opponent fails to score 10 points on their own by the start of the 4th quarter, an additional 5 points may be removed from the score of the "winning" team at the discretion of the "NFL Score and Fact Checker" and his or her four assistants who will be present at each game. This NFLSFC will be appointed by the NFL Czar. If the "winning" team scores an additional 10 points before the not winning team scores any points, those points will be split by both teams.
  3. Touchdowns for the following teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants and Jets, Green Bay, New England and Baltimore Ravens are now worth 4 points. Extra points will be be credited as per Item 4. Teams must still make valid and earnest attempts to score extra points so as not to diminish the chances of teams receiving points from the EPLB (see Item 4).
  4. Extra points scored by the teams as enumerated in Item 3 are now to be credited to the following teams: San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati and Oakland Raiders. These extra points will be placed in an "Extra Point Lock Box" (EPLB) and distributed upon request of the team mentioned in this Item with 12 minutes written notice to this office. Points can be deducted from the EPLB regardless of the opponent the withdrawing team is facing. If the withdrawing team has a bye they may take up to three points from the EPLB to hold for future games, to make up for their inability to score during their bye week.
  5. Fans are now restricted from wearing the following gameday outfits: Oakland - no monsters, creatures, hobgoblins or scary looking death people because of possible offense to Goths and German bikers. New Orleans - no Elvis impersonators to protect the feelings of people in trailer parks and all religious depictions of saints, nuns, popes, priests and voodoo practitioners are strictly forbidden under the Constitutional rule of "separation of church and state" even though that phrase does not appear anywhere in the US Constitution.
  6. The Washington Redskins are hereby abolished. The New York Giants are now to be called New York Large People. The New England Patriots are now to be called the New England Racist, Homophobic, Bible-thumping, Angry White Men. 
  7. The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are banned for 10 years or until the damage caused by George W. Bush no longer affects the presidency of Democrats.
  8. The lightning bolt on the San Diego Charger's helmet is to be replaced with the Recycling symbol.
  9. To help mitigate the risk to gamblers "winning" teams are not allowed to exceed the point spread. Each point above covering the spread a "winning" team scores will be placed in the EPLB. If an "underdog" "wins" a game by outscoring a "favorite" no such penalty will be assessed because the "favorite" had it coming to them for displaying arrogance and hubris in their unfair attempts to be "successful" at the expense of unsuccessful teams.
  10. If a team places funds (amount randomly specified by the NFL Czar) in the government controlled Fund for the Development of Winners Right Up Until They Actually Win Something (DWRUUTAWS) that team may apply to the NFL Czar for a waiver to these rules.
Finally, America's Game will no longer feature "winners" and "losers," "success" or "failure." Now thanks to the Obama Administration and NFL Czar Janeane Garofalo, everyone can equally enjoy their NFL experience without damage to their self-esteem.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Early Endorsement: Herman Cain

Looking at the current field of GOP candidates for president, my core beliefs, my political philosophy and my view of government all point me to one candidate: Herman Cain. I have been a quiet supporter of his since March or April of this year but I decided to wait to see how Mr. Cain grew into the role of National Spokesperson for Sanity and the Return of Adulthood to American Politics, which is my metric for endorsement, and he's overwhelmed my expectations.

Click to visit his official website.

Here is a quick synopsis of my reasons for endorsing Mr. Cain:
  1. He has a plan to re-structure our chronically failing economy. It will take a long time to bring most of America to its senses and get it passed, but we have to start now. Those of you who are looking to immediately completely alter the current political structure in this country are dangerously naive.
  2. He is not a politician. He is not part of the ridiculous Democrat/Republican machine that is destroying this country. By the way, I fervently believe in destroying the stupidity of the current political party system from the inside, so I do not vote for third party candidates. I like to think of myself as an agent of revolution working from within.
  3. He is a real person who has had real jobs, a real family, real life experiences. He is not a Ken doll or a Manchurian candidate and I truly believe he drives his agenda, not his professional handlers.
  4. He'll be the first person I will vote for in a Presidential election without holding my nose since 1984.
That's it. Plain and simple. Read his platform. Perry, Romney, Palin and Bachmann are being presented as the best available candidates for our country right now, which is like saying I'll take an Advil to make the toothache go away. The Advil keeps you from dealing with the hassle of going to the dentist, but the tooth is just going to continue to decay. Cain's core beliefs are the best answer for this country since Ronald Reagan's in 1976. We didn't listen then and we got Carter. We've already got Carter On Steroids, so please America, don't be so dumb again.

The media is against Cain (see "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Herman Cain?" 9-26-11) because it needs to direct the national conversation to survive. The GOP is against Cain because it looks at Chris Christie as just about as conservative as it is willing to go, so there's no progress there. The Democrats don't want Cain because they're Democrats. The pushback against Cain is going to be as strong as any we've seen in recent memory, and if that alone doesn't give you a clue as to why we Libertarians should support him, then you're not paying attention.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Losing Respect for Chris Christie

I am from New Jersey. I like smart-alecks, smart-asses, wise-asses and wise guys. I like buttered hardrolls and pork roll. Endless traffic is not an issue but people from New York who move here and complain that it's not like New York are. I will die young from smog and stress, or I will grow old and crotchety and yell at kids for walking on my tiny little strip of the Garden State. I think people who live elsewhere are nice and everything, but they're just not, well, tough enough to fight the parking lot madness at our local mall on a regular basis. I voted for Chris Christie and I like the way he smacks down nincompoops. I'm too busy to suffer nincompoops gladly.

However, I haven't seen much of a change from the time The World's Most Creepy Governor, Jon Corzine was in office. I hear Governor Christie bloviate on a lot of things. I hear him yell at people. I've watched him become a YouTube sensation several times. But at the end of the day, New Jersey still sucks. It's too expensive, it's too costly to live here, and I have to pay way too much for things that don't increase my quality of living.

I dislike the MTV series The Jersey Shore because I think the people in it, and the people who are fans of it, are morons and stereotypes. By the way, to you people lucky enough to not live in New Jersey, don't let the New Jersey Supporters fool you...Seaside, and most of New Jersey, is completely filled with people like the brilliant talents on The Jersey Shore. The problem is, they all come from two tiny little counties way up north and Staten Island, which is in New York but we somehow got stuck with.

Governor Christie, realizing that The Jersey Shore is horrible and makes us all look ignorant, has canceled a $420,000 tax credit that was promised to The Jersey Shore's production company. That is stupid, lame and reactionary. Just because it gives you good press doesn't give you the right to cancel a promise. You knew what The Jersey Shore was about before you took office yet you continued to offer the tax credit until it became politically expedient to do otherwise. That is not good governance. We call that pandering.

Now I hear - constantly - that you are "seriously considering" a run for president next year. This after denying you would run so vehemently that you threatened to commit suicide to prove you wouldn't run. Hey Gov, people's words mean something. Maybe not elsewhere, but here in New Jersey they do.

Governor Christie, listen to me because I know what I'm talking about. You started out as an anti-politician with a good line about fixing government. You worked at that for a little, but then nothing changed. Now you are just another hack politician who is looking for legal ways to get your mug in the paper.

From one Jersey guy to another...fugheddabout it. Just go do your job and stop enjoying all the butt kissing you've been getting lately. It's embarrassing the both of us.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Herman Cain?

On Saturday, Herman Cain won the Florida GOP straw poll by a 2:1 margin. This is a significant victory. To those of us who understand Mr. Cain's politics his victory was a nice affirmation. To the rest of the world, and by "rest of the world" I mean Democrats, Republicans and the Main Stream Media, Mr. Cain's victory was as frightening as having the boys from Delta Tau Chi show up at your engagement party.

This morning, the MSM is claiming the delegates in Florida placed a "protest vote" when they voted for Cain over Perry. Excuse me, MSM, your subtle racism has spilled on aisle nine. I mean seriously, he is the former executive at a pizza company they derisively explain to you, which saves them from having to accuse Cain of being anything else.

Mr. Cain is scary to the MSM because he is a black conservative so it will be hard for them to pin him with the racism tag when he attacks their pet president. Plus if they attack him, well...there you go.

Ditto the Democrat party.

Mr. Cain is scary to Republicans because he is not a Republican. He is simply doing what all smart Libertarians and Conservatives should be doing - wresting control of the East Coast Country Club GOP from the liberals who run it.

Mr. Cain is scary to liberals, Democrats and Republicans who rely on the current tax code to maintain their control on the US economy.

Mr. Cain is scary to politicians because he is the former executive at a pizza company.

Mr. Cain's victory should be encouraging and refreshing to all of you who read this column on a regular basis and who don't count yourselves among the preceding categories.

The hue and cry across the land from the MSM for Chris Christie to get in the race is not because the GOP doesn't have a viable candidate. The MSM views Chris Christie as easily beatable in a national race, hence their support for him. The problem with Mr. Cain, in their eyes, is that the GOP is beginning to support a viable candidate who scares the MSM and political establishment in this country to their very core. To suggest otherwise is demeaning to both the candidate and the people who voted for him.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Orlando GOP Debate: A Review For The Short Of Attention

President Obama is so beatable that the GOP field is actually growing. We had eight last week, we got nine last night. If you always wanted to be president, now is the time. On a related, yet unrelated note, the softening of Hillary Clinton has begun. I'm seeing a lot of Bill and Chelsea on TV lately, and trust me, that is no coincidence. If I was President Obama, I'd start squirreling away the good china.

I skipped the last debate because I was bored and busy with politics. Last night I was still bored, but I didn't have anything else to do, so I watched.

There was one clear winner last night who I will announce at the end of the review. I will review the candidates in the order they appeared on stage, left to right.

Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace did a good job. Now that the GOP debates are a regular feature on the fall schedule you can notice the commentators fleshing out their characters. Brett is an old-school news guy, Megyn seems like a nice liberal lady who got her job as part of Fox News' Affirmative Action for Libs program, and Chris Wallace had the smartass smirk in full effect.

Here's an idea for the next installment: Ask the question and give each candidate thirty seconds to respond. That was a brilliant way to contrast each candidate without having to suffer through the Punch and Judy Perry and Romney Show ad naseum.

  • Gary Johnson: Well, he's a quirky little fella, innit he? But he's got the right answer from a Libertarian point-of-view. I liked what I heard. Chance to be nominee: 2% *
  • Rick Santorum: He's growing as a candidate but he's still a bit churlish. I do like what I hear from him, I just wish I had been hearing it all along. Chance to be nominee: 5%
  • Newt Gingrich: Comfortable and brilliant as always. He keeps getting stronger with each new episode. Chance to be nominee: 2%
  • Ron Paul: He didn't even seem the least bit crazy last night. In fact, his Libertarian point-of-view was spot on and almost, dare I say it, populist sounding. Chance to be nominee: 2%
  • Rick Perry: The Prince of Neo-Con just doesn't do it for me. The mainstream Republican party will slobber at his feet, but he's just not going to solve our problems. Chance to be nominee: 87%
  • Mitt Romney: The Duke of RINO looked weak and was too busy monomaniacally swatting at the Prince. Again, the mainstream GOP will love him and force him upon us, but he ain't got it. Chance to be nominee: 89.5%
  • Michelle Bachmann: Obviously her handlers thought it best to keep her quiet, and to a certain extent it worked because when she did speak she seemed much stronger than she did on last week's episode. Chance to be nominee: 1%
  • Herman Cain: He's got the plan, he's got the personality and he keeps getting stronger with each new installment of the GOP Debate Show. It won't be long before the MSM has to pay attention to him. Chance to be nominee: 8%
  • Jon Huntsman: Too liberal, too embedded in the Washington mindset, yet somehow last night he managed to make himself relevant. Electing him would be like electing John McCain, or Romney or Perry. Please don't do it. Chance to be nominee: 52%
The big winners of the night were not the candidates or Fox News. The big winners were the American people. Talk of restructuring the EPA, dismantling the Department of Education, and giving America a sane - and fair - tax code are now part of the mainstream political dialogue in this country. That's a good thing.

I'm not a fan of bi-weekly debates this far out, but if they are going to bring this kind of sanity and common-sense to the dialogue, well, then, debate away!

* Note at the Bottom: The new feature, "Chance to be Nominee" is a scientific number I derived from adding the media's fascination to the Mainstream Republican Party's reliance on weak and liberal candidates. I then divided that number by the sense they made when they spoke and mulitplied that number by the amount of hair spray they used right before going on stage. After my calculations were completed, I threw that number out and took a guess based on what I think all of you people will do.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shane Bauer, Casey Anthony and Troy Davis: Justice Served or Justice Denied?

This column will be a little hard for conservatives and Republicans to swallow. Democrats and liberals will nod knowingly, but for all the wrong reasons. A basic tenet of freedom, and a fundamental libertarian viewpoint, is that a government should never hold the power of life or death over one of its citizens - even if that citizen has been convicted of a ghastly crime.

Yesterday, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were released from an Iranian prison after being held for two years for illegally crossing the Iranian border. The Sultan of Oman paid a $1 million ransom to secure the pair's release and they were reunited with their families in Oman yesterday.

Shane Bauer had this to say:
"Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran."
This statement insulted me to my core. As an American I bristled at the mere comparison of my country to the heinous debacle that is Iran. "How dare he disrespect my country like that. Another America hater getting free press," I thought as I examined my indignation.

Then I thought about it beyond emotion.

Last night, Troy Davis was executed in Georgia for a crime he was convicted of committing in 1989. The crime was the cold-blooded murder of police officer Mark MacPhail. I maintain a high level of color-blindness in all aspects of my life, but in this particular case it is important to note that Davis is black and MacPhail was white.

Davis was convicted on eyewitness testimony. Over the years most of the eyewitnesses recanted their testimony, leaving shades of doubt in even the most rigidly pro-death penalty mind. The family of MacPhail is still understandably devastated by his murder and spoke out fervently in favor of Davis' execution. Davis maintained his innocence and his supporters pointed to the doubts in the case. All avenues of clemency and appeal were exhausted. The air was rife with an impending sense of justice as the hour of Davis' execution approached.

Yet the doubts lingered.

For society to function, an upset community is not a valid reason to execute a man, just as much as a convicted murderer's claims of innocence are no reason to set him free.

A few months ago in Orlando, a young woman was completely exonerated for the murder of her two-year old daughter because of evidentiary doubts. The nation cried with shock and horror that this most definitely (in their eyes) guilty person should be allowed to freely walk the streets after obvious involvement in her daughter's murder. The justice system is obviously imperfect the pundits claimed. We collectively shook our heads and moved on.

Casey Anthony was set free on doubt. Troy Davis was executed in spite of it.

Shane Bauer was imprisoned for two years on a trumped up political charge by a renegade religious oligarchy. His first words as a free man were hopes of freedom for unjustly held prisoners in the country that held him and the country he calls home.

For Troy Davis, Bauer's words rang hollow.

Government does not have the right to take a man's life, even if that man is proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. Death does not beget justice, and no free man should ever trust his life and the lives of his fellow citizens to another man because that man is in a position of authority.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Should All Have a Little Skin In the Game, Or Millionaires, Billionaires and Poor People Should All Man Up

Lately, we're hearing a lot about taxing millionaires and billionaires because Warren Buffet's secretary pays more in income taxes than they do and quite frankly Warren Buffet's secretary is getting a little annoyed. Plus I was talking with a Lib the other day and he said his mom is a receptionist and she pays a lot in taxes and millionaires and billionaires don't. Frankly, I thought the guy was either lying or woefully without a clue, but I just smiled and nodded because I felt sorry for him.

Personally I dislike millionaires because they're so frigging rude to me. I don't know any billionaires. I remember one time it took me like three hours to get home because millionaire Jon Bon Jovi was holding a fundraiser for millionaire Al Gore at the Jovi mansion and the police closed all the highways to protect the rich people. Snotty bastards.

Our collective hatred for millionaires and billionaires, except for athletes, rappers and Warren Buffett, notwithstanding, I would like to offer a plan to help all of us Americans have some skin in the game, as our President likes to urge us to have. I already have so much skin in the game I've got road rash, so I should be left out of fixing the economy and deficit. Thanks for asking though.

If you're going to tax millionaires and billionaires a little extra because you failed Econ 101 or you went to Yale and you think more taxes will help the economy and deficit, go ahead. That will take care of the rich people.

Two classes down, one to go.

The poor people don't have any money but they have plenty of time. We could "tax" the poor people by making them sweep the streets, maybe pick up a little trash, and work at a soup kitchen once in a while. This will make me feel a little better about not getting screwed from all sides. I can not only take out my personal shortcomings on millionaires and billionaires, but I can rest comfortably after work knowing that poor people are doing their "fair share" as well.

If you find my idea distasteful then you need to face the following two facts:
  1. You are a class warfare supporter because you hate millionaires and billionaires, probably because you are jealous
  2. You are kind of supercillious and intellectually lazy because you feel sorry for poor people and feel they are incapable of chipping in now and again. Just because they don't have money doesn't mean they can't help out 
If it's okay to ask the class we don't like to pay more, then it should be okay to ask the class we feel sorry for to help out. Just sayin'

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barack Obama Dog Leash: A Leash For Your Little Dog, Too! Or, A Metaphor For Big Government

Here's what ran through my mind when I first looked at the above picture of the latest product from Barack Obama's fundraising website:
  1. There are actually idiots out there who will prance through their little gentrified neighborhoods with their little dogs tethered on this. If you see one, you should make fun of him just because.
  2. For 15 bucks you can be an a**hole too.
  3. My libertarian self can't help but think the Feds are ordering 330,000,000 of these, one for each of us to wear, metaphorically of course, not to work or anything like that. Because none of us will have jobs in the near future anyway.
  4. If he keeps governing the way he is, his only best friends will be dogs. Have I mentioned how illiterate and dumb my dogs are? They're also liberals based on their collective need for the nanny-state my wife and I have put in place for them.
  5. The President is meeting today with important world leaders at the United Nations while his purveryors of idolatry are peddling cheap (probably Chinese made) crap that destroys the gravitas of the Office of President in the name of fundraising.
People. It's a dog leash with Barack Obama's name on it. If you are not offended by the silliness your president allows in his name, you should be.

Shout out to Human Events Dot Com for turning me on to this latest product from Barack Obama's website.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Problem With The Libertarian Party

The number of people in the United States who identify themselves as "libertarian" is growing. This makes sense because Libertarianism can appeal to liberals and conservatives alike once they are able to wrest themselves away from dependence upon the nanny state.

At the same time, membership in the national Libertarian Party is declining slightly. This also makes sense, but could prove disastrous for the country as a whole. Libertarians, by their very nature, eschew clubs, parties, and general affiliation with groups. That's why we're libertarians -- we realize that the larger the group the less freedom there is within the group. As a person who believes in the individual first, handing over my individualness (not individuality) is antithetical to my core values.

The problem this causes on the national political landscape is becoming more and more evident as we suffer through this prolonged economic downturn. Without a strong Libertarian Party to help guide the country away from the foolishness and depravity of the two party political system, America will continue to barely tread water. The Tea Party is coming close to helping on the financial front, but the freedoms America once promised its citizens can only be restored by a strong belief in the individual at the Federal level. However, Libertarians must be aware that extremism will only further push our cause to the fringes of the national political discussion. We must ensure our platforms remain based in reality.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Libertarian Party, what it stands for and what it is trying to accomplish, go to LP.org.

A third party will help rise us up from the political quagmire we find ourselves in. But, if that party is not strong, financially and socially, all it will do is split the vote of the people who most closely associate with its core beliefs.

Be smart Libertarians, and help restore freedom in America, for every American.

A Reality-based Libertarian 4-Point Plan to Fix the Economy

  1. We have a failing President who obviously studied at my first wife's school of getting your point across. Now, everytime he speaks about raising taxes he just gets angry and hopes out loud that John Boehner is the victim of spontaneous human combustion. Like Muffy, he thinks bad ideas are made good by yelling them at people. They're not.
  2. I get lots of hits on this blog from people searching for a Libertarian plan to fix the economy.
  3. After President Obama's latest speech this morning I am watching the Twittersphere explode with Liberals who hate the thought of spending less money on anything, and Conservatives who hate the thought of giving any more money to the government to spend on anything.
Those three things have combined to finally compel me to give the American people a Reality-based Libertarian plan to fix the economy. We should pass this plan now. Listen up all you Lefties and Righties out there: You want to fix the economy with fairness and in such a way that opportunity lies in wait for every American? Stop the political childishness and do the following:
  1. Reform the tax code by Constitutional Amendment. Make it a flat tax on income. Sorry CPA's you're screwed, but such is life. Somewhere between 10 and 15% will do just fine thank you. Eggheads will figure the actual number out.
  2. Kill the inheritance and capital gains taxes and open up the repatriation of American dollars. Include in your killing spree (new tone here) any tax that punishes achievement.
  3. After we finish Item #1 institute a national consumption tax on raw and finished goods of not more than 5%. Tax consumption, not profit. Again, let the eggheads come up with the baseline.
  4. Limit congressional spending by putting a cap law into effect. Keeping the Congress from deficit spending by Constitutional Amendment could have disastrous consequences during times of national emergency, so I wouldn't do that if I were you.
There. That's it. Economy fixed. You're welcome. I would run for President but I'm going to be busy next summer. My advice to you all is to vote for the person who most closely understands what I have written and who is serious about implementing it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Living In the American Age of Cheap

I bought a pair of sneakers a month or so ago. A nice pair of black Nike Air-whatever's to wear to work. I currently work a job that requires sneakers, jeans and flannels (weather permitting), so in an attempt to at least look a little bit like an adult I decided on black.

My new, Made in China sneakers squeak. Loudly. Well not both, just the right one. It's sort of like wearing a pair of corduroy pants with one leg cut off. I announce every trip I make to the bathroom or kitchen with a loud approaching squeak. The people in my office sit at their desks and hear the approaching squeak and then know I have passed them when the squeak grows quieter.

This brings to mind a new curb that was installed recently in the building next to ours. Now, before I continue, you have to promise you will be intelligent enough to read what you are about to read before you go off screaming that I am a xenophobe or racist. The contractors the building owner used were a couple of guys in a pick-up truck with what looked like a forty year-old portable cement mixer. Looking at them, my experience told me they did not learn their masonary skills from some Italian master mason and that well, here's the sticky part, they were probably from south of our border somewhere. Their origins do not bother me. The fact that the fifty feet of curb they installed looks like the Road to Burma does. If you stand astride this curb it is obvious the installers do not appreciate the value of snapping a chalk line. The workmanship was so shoddy these "masons" did not even install expansion joints. Do I fault the workers who installed the curb? Well, other than they have no business installing curbs, no. I fault the building owner who simply wanted cheap.

We live in the American Age of Cheap. We want to make lots of money and we expect lots of entitlements, but we don't want to shell out anything above bare minimum to get what we want.
  • We want our music cheap and we have no regard for the artists who make it for us
  • We want our knick-knacks and tchotkes cheap and we don't care how many Chinese kids make them for us
  • We want our clothes cheap and we don't care how many under-aged girls in Thailand work the fourteen to eighteen hours a day it takes to keep them cheap
  • We want our cars cheap...well, on this one I agree. American cars are too expensive for the crappy fit and finish you get for the money. Thanks UAW.
Have I made my point? Wal-Mart thrives while your neighbor's little clothing store goes belly-up. Olive Garden spreads like some Appenine virus while the mom and pop sandwich shop sits empty. Curbs get made by people with no business making curbs while masons who were trained for years to do quality work sit at home and wonder what happened.

You can complain about the government all you want, and trust me, 99% of that complaining is warranted. But, the market will supply what the market demands, and that holds true for all of you anti-establishment unemployed kids out there who think captialism is bad. You buy cheap crap too so therefore you help the Obama Administration support 9.1% unemployment. How's that "I hate the business owners" mentality working for you now? I thought so.

You can't buy things made in America today, but you can start demanding them, and you can certainly show the market that you are willing to support your local neighbors over our global neighbors when given the choice to purchase American products, (assuming we're talking about a product that is superior to its foreign counterpart which pretty much eliminates anything made by GM).

We live cheaply. We act cheaply. We forego quality over saving a dollar or two, yet we continue to whine about the sorry state of our economy.

Like the sign on the firehouse marquee said many years ago: Do not complain about that which you allow.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

If You Love Me You'll Take Care of Me, Or Why I Am So Afraid of the Left

"I love you!" shouts an admirer.

"I love you back!" shouts the leader.

Using the psychological ploy of teenaged boys everywhere, who are just, well, tired of waiting, President Obama told his audience yesterday that if they loved him they had to help him pass his bill.

Quite frankly I am afraid of any adult person who gushes unabashed love for a political leader and then applauds when that political leader urges them to prove their love for him by doing his legwork. Mock me all you want, but idolatry and cult of personality have sent more innocent people to say, ummm, the poor house, the gas chamber or the killing field, than all of the corporate jet owners in the world combined.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama Following LBJ Into Retirement, Not Reagan Into a Landslide Victory?

In March of 1968, President Johnson famously announced that he would "not seek, nor accept" the Democrat nomination for President in the 1968 general election. His announcement was a shock to supporters and detractors alike. Much has been said over the years about how LBJ refused to run for a second term out of fear he would lose because of Vietnam. He was polling well in the spring of '68, but the general discontent with establishment politics was forming a dark cloud over LBJ's presidency, and Vietnam was only one symptom of a deeper problem.

To close associates he used his fear of dying in office as his main reason for retiring. His father and grandfather had both died at age 64, and in fact LBJ died when he was 64 - two days after his second term would have ended.

LBJ brought America some grand visions. Medicare and the Great Society chief among them. He was in office during a time of great change in American society, a time of change that can only be put in focus through the filter of history.

President Obama is facing far worse poll numbers and he is also in office during a time of deep discontent over establishment politics. We should also consider the string of potential political killers that are only going to get more attention as we approach the general election next year.
  • Solyndra
  • Fast and Furious
  • Obamacare
  • American Jobs Act and ineffective stimulus bills
  • Stubborn unemployment hovering around 9.1%
  • Historic deficits
  • Stagnation in Afghanistan and instability in Iraq
  • Loss of Majority in the House and a tenuous grip on the majority in the Senate
President Obama is a brilliant campaigner, a mediocre politician and a deficient leader. He is also filled with the hubris required to seek higher office. All of these factors may very well intersect to cause President Obama to mirror LBJ's reluctance to undergo the bruising that will surely come in a run for a second term. While it still seems unlikely, if the bad news continues to pile up, we may very well see President Obama follow in the footsteps of LBJ, not Carter, Reagan or Clinton.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Queen of Denial

Political new-comer, and - according to local TV ads - Tea Party lunatic, Bob Turner has defeated Democrat David Weprin in a special election in New York's 9th Congressional District. This is the seat held until recently by Anthony Weiner, he of those naked Internet shots. I would advise Mr. Turner to use a disinfectant wipe on the seat before sitting down.

Here's what DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to say about the election results:
"That has always been a difficult district for Democrats."
Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is either stupid or a liar. Strong words? You tell me.
  • Seat has been in Democrat hands since 1923
  • Charles Schumer & Geraldine Ferraro both held this seat
  • The DNC spent close to $400,000 in advertising for Weprin
DNC Chair Wasserman, if your party would start actually facing reality instead of trying to create it, we'd all be a lot better off.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Folly of the New GOP Debate Season

I didn't watch the CNN/Tea Party GOP debate last night. I watched the GOP debate last week, and quite frankly, there is not going to be much new to watch in such a short period of time. But, the news networks need to sell soap and what better soap opera is there than watching Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney tear Rick Perry apart while Ron Paul proves what we've known all along about the fringe elements of the current Libertarian movement in this country? Meanwhile Rick Santorum continues to improve his rhetoric skills, while the media pretty much ignores Herman Cain. Just like they ignored Steve Forbes ten years ago.

The MSM and the Country Club wing of the Republican Party are forcing the American people to accept Mitt Romney and Rick Perry as the presumptive GOP front runners. I for one, am rejecting that premise because it is a false truth.

The televised debate season is a by-product of the glut of information product now available in our current 24/7 news cycle. Actual votes don't happen for another four months and at this rate the people who will not be voting for President Obama will be so politically fatigued from the overload that they will make another poor choice in a candidate. Like they did in 1996 with Bob Dole. Like they did in 2008 with John McCain. The only difference this time around is there are no war heroes for the GOP to lazily hitch their wagon to, so they will do the next worst thing and hitch their wagon to a slick former governor.

Here's my view of the GOP field four months ahead of primary season.

The mainstream as likely picked by someone other than you:
  • Rick Perry. The candidate of choice, as long as that choice is made by someone else.
  • Mitt Romney. Sorry, I can't seem to find the substance for the style.
  • Michelle Bachmann. She's got Gardisil and two phantom Bills in Congress and nothing else.
  • Ron Paul. In theory what he says is right. Unfortunately, we don't live in a theoretical world.
  • Newt Gingrich. He would make a great president, but he's a bad candidate. That's the problem. 
  • Jon Huntsman. I think the MSM keeps him around to illustrate how dumb the GOP can be.
Outside the box, the candidates we should be paying attention to:
  • Herman Cain. I'm curious why he gets absolutely no time during these sham debates. He's offered a plan and he's in charge of his platform. Oh that's right. He's a capitalist.
  • Rick Santorum. Regular readers will know that I haven't been a big fan. But, I'm also not so insecure as to be unable to admit to change. Santorum seems to be the only candidate of pure substance lately. His extreme social conservatism will be his problem in the future.
  • Chris Christie. Yup. And he'll kick your candidate's ass if he gets in the race.
  • Jeb Bush. He's out there watching. But it's too soon for another Bush in the White House.
  • Sarah Palin. Don't for one second think she is not just waiting around to pick at the bones of whatever candidate survives this faux debate season.
  • Other people I am unaware of right now. Oh, they're out there, waiting, watching, learning. Mark my words.
We are not forced to support the MSM candidates of choice. Not yet anyway.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Am A Libertarian

Watching "102 Minutes That Changed America" yesterday I was reminded why my political philosophy is what it is.

There were no race classifications. Everyone there was covered in the white dust of death and evil.

There were no religious divisions. Religion attacked the towers, but human beings worked to save other human beings. Hatzollah EMT's didn't ask what religion an injured person was before treating them. NYFD, NYPD and PAPD personnel weren't concerned if a person in need of aid was of the same religion that was hijacked to perpetrate the attacks.

The only evident political philosophies on display were survival, concern for personal safety, concern for members of the attacked community, and the desire to make sure loved ones were safe.

Police and other government personnel did not have the time or interest to check a person's background, race, color or creed before directing them to safety or while they kept the flow of rescue personnel moving freely. There was no concern other than the perfect execution of their most basic - and most important - job.

As a nation, our concern was for ourselves first. As a people our concern was for ourselves and our families, and the ability to freely act on those concerns.

Of course government played an important role that day. Reality-based Libertarianism understands that. But government officials operated solely within the parameters of our community's directive, nothing more.

There was no room for Liberals or Conservatives, Republicans or Democrats.

We were all Libertarians that day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 - Ten Years After (Part 3)

Smoke was still pumping from Ground Zero the next morning as I drove to the office. In fact as I remember it, smoke continued to rise from the site for the next week or so. Maybe longer. I don't know anymore. The same blue skies from Tuesday draped over Wednesday as we tried to restart ourselves. The only difference was the thick plume of gray that was pouring south along the horizon over the ocean. The thing I remember most from that day is the absence of aircraft. My office was only a few miles from Newark Airport, directly under the north approach, so commercial aircraft were a constant. I also live a few miles east of a runway at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, and the increase in military air traffic was noticeable. Pilots liken North Jersey airspace as a "bunch of bees in a bottle." The emptiness of the sky was eery.

That Friday I helped our office gather up goggles, water, and other things to give to the recovery workers. After work I loaded up my car and drove the supplies to Staten Island to one of the Red Cross drop-off locations that had been set up across the metropolitan area. As I drove over the Goethals Bridge on my way back to New Jersey I could see lower Manhattan and the source of the constant trail of smoke. I listened to WCBS-AM's simulcast of President Bush's speech from the rubble as I drove home. As they are wont to do, people who don't like Bush will forever make fun of this speech. But on this Friday evening, with the craters of the WTC still smoldering, and thousands of people still missing, President Bush's speech was as moving as any I've ever heard or been aware of. A sense of hope and optimism crept over me as I realized I lived in a country that was smart and strong enough to take a body shot and remain standing. I felt like a little revenge was in order.

Later that evening, as the sun set, I called my wife and daughter out to our deck to watch Air Force One depart the base near our home. I will always remember the angle of the plane's ascent as it climbed over my neighborhood. Most of the cargo planes and tankers that use the base climb slowly, at an obtuse angle, because of the loads they carry. There are times when my teeth rattles when a particularly heavy plane passes overhead because they are so low. Air Force One's climb was as steep as I'd ever seen a heavy jet climb. I assume the point was to get up to altitude as quickly as possible to keep the plane safe from a ground attack. Fighter jets soon shot overhead and joined the jumbo jet. They all turned to the north in a tight arc and were soon out of sight.

By the end of the next week I was back in Manhattan to visit clients. Two things I will remember until the day I die. The cars at the Hoboken parking garage on River Street that were left by people who were killed on 9/11. Weeks later you could tell which cars were still waiting for their owners to come retrieve them. And the white chalky dust covering every surface of Lower Manhattan even where I was ten blocks away.

By the end of September I was pretty much back on the road. My first trip was to Little Rock, Arkansas. I left the day after the anthrax attacks were discovered. I walked down our driveway to my car and was hit hard by the thought that I really missed the way life had been on September 10. "When does it all stop?" I remember asking myself on that cold, gray ride to the airport.

I was never a nervous flier. Never have been. I've landed sideways in a prop job in Norway in a blizzard, I was on an American Airlines jet that got diverted right before touchdown at O'Hare because another plane was taxiing on our runway. I sat next to a guy from Turkey on a flight from London who threw up all over our row of seats for five hours. From 1988 to 2003 I logged probably over a million miles in the air. I know the number because I got lots of free air tickets and Ambassador Club memberships. Flying alot is work. You learn to take it in stride.

I'd be a liar if I didn't say I was nervous as hell boarding that Continental 737 at Newark that morning.

The rain and gray had settled over Little Rock as well, and as I drove in from the airport I found that the anthrax mail had been sent through the bulk processing center just a few miles from my house. Now we were being told that our own mail was possibly contaminated. In fact, I still have mail from that time. It's sealed in a plastic bag and brittle because it was irradiated to kill the contaminants. Once again, the troubles of the world had peripherally forced themselves into my small, boring life.

For the rest of the fall, when I was not traveling, I ate my lunch in my car in the parking lot of a warehouse on the Arthur Kill. Directly across the waterway sits the mountain that is the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island. A half mile away, on top of the hill, day after day, the NYFD trucks and engines that had been recovered from the site were lined up facing me. I'd sit and eat, and stare at the trucks. Some crushed, some burned, some looking almost new. I don't remember the number, but I'd guess there were more than twenty. Looking back, I realize the morbidity in doing this, but at the time it was just a profound way to help my brain digest what was happening in the world around me.

I am constantly being reminded to never forget. I lived through it, even if my life was mercifully spared from being directly affected by it. Living through it peripherally is enough to keep me from ever forgetting. Remember your own stories, however unattached you think they might be. We owe it to the people who lost so much during that time.

September 11 - Ten Years After (Part 2)

At that time, my days were spent in the New Jersey of oil refineries, warehouses, ships that carried natural-gas, and trucks. Lots of trucks. I left my office and drove the two minutes to the harbor and the first thing that struck me was the number of trucks parked along the road. Maybe thirty, maybe fifty. To this day I don't know. What I do know is the truckers we're all doing the same thing I was doing. I parked my car and found a clear view of the city and my eyes confirmed what my brain could not conceive - the south tower, the one nearest my vantage point, was gone. Chalky white smoke hovered over the area and a plume of it was starting to head south toward the Verrazano Narrows.

Later it was reported that the south tower collapse registered 2.1 on the Richter Scale. The north tower collapse registered 2.3. The seismic shock of the energy of the collapse reaching the ground has been "proof" to the moronic conspiracy theorists ever since that the spikes are indications of explosions set off by George Bush and Dick Cheney in the basements of both buildings. Obviously, physics are not a strong point of conspiracy theorists, among other things.

I stood on a guardrail overlooking the Upper New York Harbor talking with a trucker from Nevada or Arizona, I can't remember which one. It was obvious to us all that we had been attacked.

Black smoke billowed from the north tower and wafted west toward Brooklyn in the unfettered winds a quarter mile above the earth. The smoke was blowing away from us which gave us a clear view of the orange fire ringing one of the upper floors. It was mesmerizing.

I heard a collective gasp from the people around me before I caught up with what was happening. My consciousness was not operating at the same speed as reality.

We saw the unbelievable before we heard the unimaginable. The north tower began a slow descent, picking up speed as it went. None of us were able to comprehend what we were witnessing. We had no idea at that moment that we were watching the collapse of the remaining tower. Then a few seconds later, from across the water, carried by the still, crisp air, the noise hit us. It was faint, but it was the noise of death and destruction. Of sadness and defeat. It stabbed my gut like a dull blade. Over the years, my mind has mercifully dulled what my eyes saw, but time is no match for what I heard. Everyone was silent. Slowly, some of us began to make our way back to our vehicles.

I went back to the office and got a call from my daughter from my first marriage, who was a sophomore in high school at the time. Her mother and I divorced when my daughter was just a baby, and at the time the relationship between myself and my ex and her husband was exceptionally difficult. My ex worked in Lower Manhattan and hearing the panic in my daughter's voice I realized I had get to her and pick her up from school. Meanwhile my wife was on her way to pick up our daughter who was in third grade. The nice lady at the school told her that the safest place for our daughter was right there in school, and not at home with her family. Needless to say, my wife picked up our daughter and held her tongue from the well-meaning but incredibly stupid school receptionist.

I drove the forty miles from my office to my oldest daughter's high school in a little over twenty minutes - a ride that would normally take well over an hour. Tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway were closed and there was no traffic. It was like something out of a Stephen King novel. I'm not saying traffic was light, I am saying there were no other cars. I passed maybe fifteen cars during the entire ride. I hit 100MPH several times, but the overwhelming feeling I had was that the ride was taking far too long.

I picked my daughter up, my wife picked our daughter up and we met at home where we sat transfixed by the news on the television for the rest of the day. I called my son who had just started college in Providence after hearing news that an Amtrak train in Rhode Island had been hijacked. Because of the foolishness between my ex and myself, my relationship with my son was strained, if not non-existent, but the events of the day were bigger than the folly of any one individual. At least that's how I looked at it. The pit in my stomach grew exponentially as I was unable to reach my son and I hadn't heard back from the ex. Later in the day my ex called to tell us she was safe. My son never called back, but I did later find out he was safe as well.

Of course there is a backstory and I realize this is a bit personal and uncomfortable, but one harsh lesson I learned that day is that people will let the folly of their day-to-day emotions control their every action regardless of the circumstances. Why am I adding such a personal note to an otherwise objective column? For the same reason I am writing a three part remembrance of my experiences on that day and the days that followed. I wasn't at Ground Zero, I was near Ground Zero. I know people who were killed but I did not lose anyone close to me. I know dozens of people who did. We all have our stories from that day, and by telling mine my hope is to maybe tell yours as well.

News continued to pour in. Twenty-thousand dead possibly. A plane down in Pennsylvania. Unknown number of people killed at the Pentagon. American airspace completely shut down on word of possible attacks in Chicago and San Francisco. President Bush at an undisclosed location. By the end of the day all of our family members were accounted for and safe. That evening we took a ride to the beach and watched the smoke from the fallen towers manically drift south on the horizon.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 11 - Ten Years After

Here in the New York metropolitan area, the news media and governments are up in arms about a possible terrorist threat this weekend. A Pakistani informant, who has been helpful in the past, gave authorities a tip about possible attacks in NYC and Washington, DC. I stand by my opinion that the government and news media are using these tips to whip up emotions on the crest of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and that these supposed tips are not unusual in nature.

As if I need to have my emotions whipped up. This anniversary is difficult to wrap my head around. Television and the person I look at in the mirror all tell me that ten years have passed, but my mind and heart tell me the images and emotions of that day are too fresh to have happened so long ago. I cannot viscerally understand that that day was not yesterday. This tears my emotions in several directions, and even though ten is just a number in our culture it means something, and that meaning is not lost on me.

Living the normal life I have lived in these past fifty years, I have had many grim days. Maybe more than normal, maybe not. I don't spend much time thinking about it. I will say that this day is burned in my memory as among the most grim. This anniversary is especially difficult. I don't want to watch specials, or see pictures, or re-live the day. It's too real and too alive still. Yet in spite of this, I am compelled to write about my experiences, however peripheral they may have been. Forgive me for indulging that need. Maybe you'll find it interesting, maybe you'll find it an unnecessary addition to your existing burden.

Back in 2001 I was working as a sales manager for a firm that supplied technical items to schools and universities. I spent alot of time on the road and on Monday, September 10, I started my day at West Point Military Academy and ended it at a small school on University Place just up from Washington Square park in Greenwich Village. I was originally scheduled to go on Tuesday instead of Monday, but my client in Manhattan needed to move our appointment from Tuesday morning to Monday afternoon. I used the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) trains out of the WTC station that day, like I did on my twice weekly trips into Manhattan. That evening I bought a motorcycle.

The next morning was as bright, clear and calm as we've all been told for ten years it was. I set out on my miserably long commute around seven-thirty. When planes at Newark International Airport were landing to the north, the monotony of my commute was thankfully broken by the line of aircraft on approach. Their approach paralleled the highway I used for quite a distance, so as I muddled along in traffic, sometimes reaching 35 MPH, I watched the planes - I've spent a great deal of my career traveling and I have become an unapologetic plane spotter.

The phantasm my mind has created around that day tell me specifically that I saw a plane on an unusual approach. I absolutely know I remarked to myself that the plane was too low and heading slightly too far to the east to be on a regular approach, but I honestly don't believe I saw the first plane to hit the WTC. I mean, I know what I saw, but I just don't believe what I saw had anything to do with anything. But to this day, I think it did.

I was mindlessly listening to the Howard Stern show as I drove over the bridge that gave me my first view of Manhattan. The producer of the Stern show came on air and said that "a plane just hit one of the World Trade Center towers." Much speculation took place as to whether it was a light plane, an accident, or an attack. One thing was clear however, there was smoke over the skyline of lower Manhattan. Seeing smoke from fires is nothing unusual in this most densely populated place in the country, but it was clear to me the top of one of the WTC towers was on fire.

I walked into my office bearing the news that the WTC was on fire and was greeted with the news that a second plane had hit the second tower. Now we heard about a plane down in Pennsylvania or Ohio, followed by news that the Capitol was being attacked. The White House. The Pentagon. Chicago. LA. One of towers has collapsed. The news coming over the radios and televisions we had on was overwhelming and too rapid fire to process. I couldn't believe my ears, and since it was a two minute drive from my office to the docks on NY Harbor - and an unobstructed and close view of Manhattan - I left and headed out to give my eyes a chance to tell my ears they were liars...

Continues tomorrow.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Week In Review: Government Gone Wild Edition

I haven't done a TWIR in a while, but there's a lot of things to cover on this Friday morning so, let's get at it.
  1. There is supposedly a "credible but unconfirmed threat" coming from sources in Pakistan about car bombs in New York and Washington over the coming weekend. Mayor Bloomberg breathlessly broke in with a news conference last night. On television this morning, Joe Biden spoke very softly and calmly like your grandpa telling you that because of your looks you were likely to remain a virgin for the rest of your life. The gist of their words: carry on about your normal business and don't be alarmed. Excuse me for not getting my Fruit of the Looms all in a bunch over this, but I don't believe them. Why are they coming on television and telling us our lives are threatened while they are at the same time telling us not to worry? There are credible but unconfirmed threats every day of the week. But this happens to be the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks so what better time to scare the willies out of everyone? This is just the government and MSM reminding you that we need them to get by on an hourly basis in our poor pathetic miserable lives. I'm not saying there is no threat, I'm saying the threat isn't any higher today than it was two weeks or two months ago. Fear is what the Church used to keep people in line during the Dark Ages. Modern government is just carrying that tradition of leadership forward.
  2. President Obama chastised the Republicans in Congress seventeen times last night, exhorting them to pass his bill right away. President Obama was angry. He's farted around playing golf and dividing the country by race and income for almost three years and now he realizes the American people don't have fourteen months to wait around looking for the economy to improve. Plus, he's figuring he'd better do something now if he wants to be president again. And he really, really, really, wants to be president again.
  3. You Republicans have the power now. I know this because President Obama said so. Well, what he actually said was "even the Republicans like what's in my bill, so pass the bill right now." I didn't count, but he mentioned 'Republican' like thirty-four times and 'Democrat' no times. He's playing to you, you rascally GOPers, because you're winning the fight. Don't give in and don't be stupid. Now is your chance to softly rest your fuzzy slippers on the throat of Socialism. Wait, that doesn't make sense. The hell with the "new tone of civility" the Dems want us to use. Now is the time to press your boots on the throats of Socialism. Of course, you usually do give in and you usually do act stupidly, so don't come whining to me when you lose the fight again.
  4. Oh yeah, and he's also calling you GOPers out so when the economy doesn't improve, regardless of what the Feds do, he can tag you with the blame.
  5. Lots of people on various social networks are up in arms because first responders and recovery workers were not invited to the anniversary ceremonies at the World Trade Center site on Sunday. They are all horribly offended by this incredibe slight thrown at them by Mayor Bloomberg. "He sucks" you say to yourselves. I agree with you, but not because of this. It's an active construction zone in a limited physical area. Sunday is for the families of the people who were slain by the Islamic terrorists.* The families of the slain should have priority on a such an important day, don't you think?
  6. Lots of people on various social networks are up in arms because religion is being excluded from the anniversary ceremonies at the World Trade Center site on Sunday. They are all horribly offended by this incredibe slight thrown at them by Mayor Bloomberg. "He sucks" you say to yourselves. I agree with you, but not because of this. Religion has never been a part of any of the previous nine remembrance ceremonies simply because it would be wrong to pick and choose which religion should take part - even though we all know your religion is the most important one. Politicians aren't making speeches either, so the religion of politics has been banned as well. Sunday's ceremony is about remembering the people we lost, not about proselytizing and politicking. Each religious group will in fact have an opportunity to have their own ceremony upon their request.
  7. The jobs bill that we should pass right away is really just more smoke and mirrors and shame on you for thinking otherwise. Tax breaks to hire people is not what makes companies hire people. How naive are you anyway? Tax relief on profits are what drives companies to seek more profits which in turn makes them hire more people. Even though all of us mean old wily white people will earn more money and that just makes you mad as spit...that's the way it works. Also, spending $300 billion more to pave roads is not going to do a damned thing to fix the economy and you are really starting to annoy me for thinking otherwise.
  8. Joe Biden said this morning, in his very hushed and serious manner, that the Obama Jobs Act & Magic Show offers a tax holiday from FICA. Errrr. Ummm. Excuse me. FICA is Social Security. Social Security is broke. What  better way to keep it solvent than to let people not pay into it? And yet you people continue to get your tail feathers ruffled every time someone with common sense calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme.
  9. I would take President Obama's tax credits for hiring veterans idea one step further. Any veteran who saw active duty in a hot theater (meaning there were bullets flying, not that it was hot out) should not have to pay income taxes. Again. For the rest of their lives. Period. We sent them off to war, the least we can do is let them live here without strangling them paying for the country they put their lives on the line for when they should have been chasing members of the opposite sex, cutting class and drinking Jello shots.
Have a nice weekend.

* Yes I called them Islamic terrorists. Granted, their view of Islam was (and is) pretty perverted and obscene, but they flew those planes into those buildings in the name of Allah. Deal with it. If that offends you, I suggest you talk to the jihadists. I don't write history I just write about history.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Take on the Reagan Library GOP Debate

Last night, MSNBC televised the GOP debate which was held at the Reagan Library in California. There was no clear cut winner, however there were a couple of clear cut losers, chief among them the network that sponsored the debate. NBC was the big loser because of its racial pandering, inept moderation and pointedly anti-anyone-on-the-stage bias.

Since the country is turning blue waiting for my take on the debate, let's get right at it. Winners to losers ranked 1 to 8.

First let's look at NBC.

Brian Williams is a nice guy. I really like him. Plus he's a Jersey guy from up the road so he gets some extra props. But, in his lifelong attempts to be perceived as a concerned person, his halting speech has become a habit, and quite frankly, it's annoying as hell. John Harris is the editor of Politico.com. I follow him on Twitter and I know his politics, objective he's not.

In one of the saddest yet most hilariously pandering moves I've ever seen, NBC trotted out an Hispanic with an actual real-life Spanish name to ask questions about immigration. Good God, the people in this country who think this is meaningful are stupid. I didn't bother to catch his name, so I will refer to him as "Mexican Guy." This should not be offensive to anyone. I am simply referring to him how NBC wanted me to perceive him. I honestly think the noodniks at NBC thought Michelle Bachmann might shoo him away with a nauseous look on her face right after Mitt asked him to do a better job raking the lawn clippings next time. If you are getting offended at my take on "Mexican Guy," yet you were not  offended by NBC trotting him out to prove their point, well then a) you have no sense of humor and b) you are a big dummy because you missed the whole point. By the way, the point of "Mexican Guy"? NBC wanted to prove, for once and for all, that Republicans, especially Tea Party people, find brown-skinned people distasteful. Too bad we don't live in a country that finds that mindset within a major news network distasteful.
  1. Herman Cain. All of you "true" conservatives and all of you "Libertarians," pay attention to what Mr. Cain is saying. He is still light on foreign policy, but there is no one speaking more clearly about what has to be done in this country. His "9-9-9" plan is as close to a fair/flat tax as we are going to get, and it will set the economy on fire. Right now, if I was voting in the primary today, my vote is for Cain. He is the closest to a true Reality-based Libertarian as there is on the national scene.
  2. Ron Paul. He was real, he was informed, and he was far less crazy than he was in Iowa. I sincerely hope Libertarians don't hitch their wagon to him, but he is good to have around to keep the RINO's in check. One debate doesn't mean a whole lot, and I strongly urge the anti-war crowd amongst the Libertarians to think deeply about what they want to happen next year as opposed to what can actually happen.
  3. Rick Santorum. I still have a hard time getting past that goofy smirk on his face but he had some fire in his belly and he was on point with almost every question. He can't win the nomination, but again, he's good to have around to neutralize the RINO's.
  4. Newt Gingrich. Granted, the ad naseum push back on the moderators is getting old, but the man knows from which he speaks. There should be a place for him in the halls of leadership in this country, I just don't think it's the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  5. Rick Perry. I've got to give the guy props. He got his butt kicked last night, and he truly was the pinata of the evening (shout out to "Mexican Guy" and Tom Brokaw). He's not a conservative, in fact he's barely even a RINO, but he has some good ideas, and he'll do good with the moderates. By the way, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, deal with it.
  6. Mitt Romney. He's slick and he's a RINO (from my way out here in Libertarian-land viewpoint) but he's going to appeal to the "independents." I scored him low because he's really all about talking points, he just presents them in an experienced package. It's too bad we have to kowtow to the moderates and independents though...after all, it was moderates and independents that gave us Obama.
  7. Jon Hunstman. The only reason he's not last is because Bachmann was there. I'm sorry but this guy gives me the creeps. And the whole "Rick" and "Mitt" nonsense and the smarminess that oozed from his every pore as he spoke just turned me off. He raised no good points and seriously, Utah has like 12 people, you can't compare Utah to Massachusetts or Texas. The reason the MSM loves Huntsman is because he's creepy and he projects all the bad things the liberals in this country moronically prescribe to everyone on the Right, while at the same time he's a safe good old-fashioned liberal.
  8. Michelle Bachmann. I just want to say, talking points, talking points, talking points. What was the question? No matter, talking points, talking points, talking points. She should fire her handlers and get some experience and she'll be a force to reckon with. Right now, it is glaringly obvious she does not have the gravitas to perform on the national stage.
We've got some bone fide contenders running for the nomination. I just hope the Republican base does the right thing and nominates the candidate with the policies, experience and temperament to get the job done.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Liberal Columnist Mike Barnicle Boldly Admits MSM Not Capable of Being Objective When It Comes to Sarah Palin

Mike Barnicle, the Liberal voice of New England and a frequent NBC and MSNBC contributor defended Jimmy Hoffa's remarks by being honest for a change. Unfortunately, his honesty didn't really make sense, and it obfuscated the truth of what Hoffa said in introducing the President of All The People of the United States, but it's a start.

The following Q&A excerpt was taken from this morning's Morning Joe on MSNBC, courtesy of the website Newsbusters.

SCARBOROUGH: Sarah Palin's people put up little targets: these are targeted districts, on a PAC website that nobody sees. Nobody, right? So that's that context. Kind of isolated. Hoffa delivers a speech before the President of the United States comes up and delivers a speech at the same spot. That context is actually far more serious than the context of a website somewhere out in the ethernet that nobody sees. The context I think it more troubling in this case.

BARNICLE: Well first of all, Sarah Palin is going to get brutalized and demeaned by the media no matter what she does. So I don't think you can compare Sarah Palin's targeting of districts with what Jim Hoffa says before a labor group in Detroit. We're going to pile on Sarah Palin. Any sane person knows that we're going to do that.
"We're going to pile on Sarah Palin. Any sane person knows that we're going to do that." I am no Sarah Palin fan, and I sincerely hope she does not enter the 2012 primary race, but I have disagreements with her on substance, not from some childish cultlike phobia as Barnicle admits to here.

To him and his ilk, objectivity isn't even a consideration. Remember that the next time you are being told by the MSM how foolish you are.

Read more: Newsbusters.org

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The New Tone of Civility from the Left Wing Twittersphere

WARNING: Extremely offensive language. Seriously, I don't want to hear it if you get offended watching this.

The following video is a compilation of recent Twitter feeds and is an excellent example of the new tone of civility from the Left. The video is audio super-imposed with self-righteous indignation from the likes of Keith Olbermann and Whoopie Goldberg whining about how horrible everyone on the Right is.

This video is from Twitter user TwitterCivility who also left this message: “All tweets posted to Twitter are public. Therefore, I will not remove this video, names or any details that were publicly available. If you can’t stand by your hate, then you should have never said it.”

Before you watch, remember that I warned you.

I won't apologize for the content. We all need to see what decent, liberty-loving people in this country are up against.

Win In the Arena of Ideas, Not By Slinging Mud With Thugs

Read this quick little post by a Jimmy Hoffa apologist: CLICK HERE.

We have the ideas, knowledge, and history on our side. They only have our mistakes on theirs. We don't need to act like thugs and non-intellectuals to get our points across. That's the domain of the thug culture of the Left. Every time someone from our side allows themselves to be used by the Left, our cause gets hurt, and as a result so does the country.

Go, take to the streets, but be smart. Stick to ideas and avoid wrestling in the mud with those who brought the mud to the party in the first place. The Left can't compete in an unemotional battle of ideas - they depend on demagoguery and misrepresentation to win their points.

Be armed with facts and good cheer, and leave the stupid posters and moronic stereotyping to those who are devoid of both.

Joe Biden: Unions Equal to Feds In their Battle Against the American People

Speaking at an AFL-CIO rally Vice President Joe Biden tells his union audience that they are "the only non-governmental power" that has the "capacity to stop this onslaught" against unbridled union power in this country. He also tells his enraptured union audience that they are the "only folks keeping the barbarians from the gate." By that I guess he means those of us who are concerned about the inability of our country to pull itself out of a recession because of the policies of unions and democrats. Make no mistake, in this speech VP Biden declares that labor unions are equal to the Federal government in their combined fight against the middle-class in this country when he says the bad people are trying to take away "our right to exist."

This speech was not reported by the MSM. The fervor and the rhetoric should be chilling to everyone who understands the status quo in this country is not working anymore.

The New Tone: Let's Take These Son of a Bitches Out, Wasserman-Schulz Thinks That's Okay

This clip from ABC News shows the entirety of Jimmy Hoffa's introduction of President Obama before his jobs speech on Monday. CLICK HERE. Deal with the one minute advertisement so you can watch Hoffa's remarks uncut. It's also intersting to see the disinterest of his audience, especially when Hoffa starts the Hitler-like "jobs jobs jobs" chant. I actually felt sorry for him there for a second.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) who is also chairperson of the DNC defended Hoffa's remarks, even though she was up front in calling for a new tone of civility after Gabriella Giffords (D-AZ) got shot by someone Wasserman-Schultz hoped was either a Republican or Tea Party person back in January. CLICK HERE TO READ HOW THE DNC CHAIR DEFLECTED THE TRUTH ON HOFFA'S REMARKS.

The thing I find most funny, in a sad end-of-greatness-for-America way, is that the Tea Party isn't anti-jobs, they're anti-fiscal irresponsibility. Fiscal irresponsibility is anti-jobs. The status quo is anti-jobs. So if a guy like Jimmy Hoffa is threatening to "take the Son-of-a-bitches out," he is obviously for the status quo of no growth and high unemployment. And he is willing to use threats of physical violence against those who disagree with him to get his way. Gotta love the union mentality.

I will continue to refuse to be defined by people who aren't able to comprehend what I stand for. We need to reject the foolishness of those who need the status quo in America to keep their jobs, by continuing to work to make the American economy work again for all of us. After all, we're all workers, aren't we?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Will The Real Racists Please Stand Up

Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) also spoke at the same function as Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and Jesse Jackson last week, but his words took a little longer to climb out from under the rock they were meant for. (See "It's Time For An Honest Dialogue About Race" August 24, 2011)

"Some of them in Congress right now, of this Tea Party, would love to see you and me hanging from a tree." 
He also said that there are members of Congress who want to see blacks become second class citizens. Representative Carson is apparently not very bright and obviously doesn't pay attention to reality. That's his problem. However, the country as a whole has a different problem.

It's not 1963. It's 2011. It's time to move on, but instead we are moving backward. Only this time the blame falls squarely at the feet of Reps. Carson, Waters and Wilson and their ilk. I have met far more racists who are black or Hispanic than I have met who are white. Sure, I have met plenty of racist white people and I feel sorry for all of them, but I have met so many blatant racists who are not white that I have become cautious when meeting a person who is a different race than me because I honestly believe I am being automatically discounted because of my skin color more times than not. I am not the only peron in this country with the same feelings, but I may be among the first to talk about it openly. The vicious human disgrace of racism seems to have flopped 180 degrees on its side.

The accusations of racism against those of us who are legitimately opposed to President Obama's policies and lack of leadership are growing tiresome. Those who fall back on the old class warfare workhorse of 'racism' because they have nothing else of substance to say need to be relegated to the trash heap of history. It's a shame our President is not a strong enough leader to lead his backers away from the crutch of these fatuous attacks, but he's not. In fact, it seems like that's all he's got, so we'll just have to deal as he stirs the flames of ignorance to save his job.

If you voted for Barack Obama strictly because of his race, you should be ashamed of yourself for being a practicing racist, but repeating your mistake will only get us into deeper trouble. If you are unable to admit you were wrong and vote as an American in 2012, you are simply digging us a deeper hole. I am worried that a vast majority of people who can't defend Obama's policies or leadership will still support him at the polls because of some blind allegiance to his skin color.

I can't think of a greater tragedy for the American people than the racial revenge factor coming into play once again in 2012. Obama has done more to divide this country along racial and social lines than any other president in the past sixty-five years. If we're going to move forward with success and progress we all need to get past the racial politics of Obama and his most fervent supporters.

Good Americans who care about their country and their children: stand up and tell the people who only see race among those who disagree with them to stop the foolishness and open their ears and eyes. It's time we all used our intellects to solve our problems.