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Monday, August 8, 2011

Who's To Blame For The Downgrade

We're hearing a lot about the Standard & Poor US credit downgrade being the fault of the Tea Party. I haven't actually heard any facts supporting this and I've only heard it from people who stand to gain from deflecting blame from themselves onto the Tea Party, so yeah, I'm a little doubtful about that. And anyway the Tea Party folks are the very people who brought the debt crisis into the American conversation.

Here's who to blame:
  1. Barack Obama. He is afterall the leader of the country and back in the day the buck stopped there
  2. George W. Bush. Sorry kids, he started us on the path and partisan indignation won't change that
  3. The Democrats. They had the Congress when this started and they still have the Senate
  4. The Republicans. Afraid to take blame for Dow collapse so they voted for a...Dow collapse
  5. Afghanistan. Lots of blood and treasure being spent even though we have met our objectives
  6. Iraq. Stupid policy begets stupid policy begets a lot of blood and treasure down the drain
  7. The Media. Both sides gaining too much income selling soap from divisiveness not objectivity
  8. Standard & Poor. Where were these morons in '08 when they AAA rated all those bogus loans?
  9. Current Congress. You all knew this was coming yet you played politics instead of doing the work we sent you to do
It's that simple. The Dow is actually only down 5% on the day, so seriously, come back in off the ledge and get back to work.

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