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Monday, August 8, 2011

Where Have All The Adults Gone?

The entire country has chewed their fingernails down to the quick waiting for the markets to open today. Another week of manufactured panic is upon us. Yes, manufactured. If it's not the weather, it's the Tea Party or the markets or Islam.

A good rule to live by is when you put your fate in the hands of others you have no right to complain when other people decide your fate. We put our national econominc fate in the hands of Standard & Poor and whether they are wrong or right, we have relegated our right to be outraged at their action.

Stop blaming Obama, stop blaming Boehner, stop blaming the Tea Party, stop blaming whoever it is you are blaming. Stop being a Republican, stop being a Democrat, stop being a blind Obama supporter and stop being a blind Obama hater. Be an American and get to work to fix your country. You do that by taking care of your family and your community, that's the way it's been done in this country for three hundred years.

We, the American people, allowed things to get where they are because for some reason the generation currently running things hasn't shown an ability to collectively act like an adult. We have been through market crashes, double-dip recessions, wars, terrorist attacks, angry weather, drug epidemics, more wars, Madonna, presidential corruption, nuclear crisis', the Soviet Empire, and lots of other bad things and that's just in my lifetime and we're still here. We have to stop letting every bump in the road throw us off course.

Did S&P act politically? Absolutely. If you disagree then you have to convince us why the UK, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Italy, etc. were not downgraded as well. Did the US government act stupidily putting us in the position they put us in? Absolutely. Is John Kerry a babbling idiot with his "Tea Party Downgrade" demagoguery? Yup. Has a large portion of the American population become lazy and dependent on their government to run their lives? You'll have to be intellectully honest and answer that for yourself.

America used to stand for something and the American people used to be better than the government they have given themselves. Get over it, roll up your collective sleeves, and make yourselves proud again.

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