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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

President Clashes With Tea Party In Iowa, Or Maybe It Was Just A Discussion, I'm Not Sure.

This video is circulating the MSM and digital media today under headlines that scream about the clash President Obama had with some Tea Party members.

I've watched the video five times and I don't see a clash. I see three adults having a respectful conversation about politics. They did not agree with each other and they did not give ground to each other, but it was in no way a "clash." The President handled the argument in a presidential manner and the Tea Party representative was respectful while he held his ground. I do not agree with the President when he claims that Joe Biden and Janet Napolitano never called the Tea Party "terrorists" or "extremists," but the Tea Party folks didn't let him off the hook on it either. That's how political discussions go.

Here's the problem.

At about the one minute mark you'll hear a woman off camera give a big woot and start to yell "stay strong Mr. President, stay strong!" The President moves down the receiving line, still engaging in a civil two-way discussion with the Tea Party rep. But as he begins to move toward the "woot" people he becomes a little more comfortable and he tells the Tea Partier "you are not interested in listening" to which the Tea Partier replies something to the effect "neither are you." What started out as an important discussion between grown people ended up in a classic case of neener-neener-neener.

Bang. Discussion shut down. Discourse closed. No winners, no progress. Thank you Woot Lady.

This is a perfect microcosm of what is wrong with our country today. You can't have civil discussion when Woot Ladies (and Woot Men, now collectively known as Woot People) stupidly interrupt as they pretend they are at a football game.

Couple that with the salivating MSM (and Fox News I point my condescending finger directly at you this morning) always on the lookout for a fight, and well, here we are. Getting absolutely nothing done.

Since you American people insist on playing football or American Idol with your politics, I'll do you a favor and give you a score sheet. 

  1. Tea Party guy who stayed on point and remained respectful
  2. Tea Party gal, but she did lose points for getting a little shrill sounding
  3. President Obama, he could've won hands down just on Presidentialness until the Woot Lady emboldened him to be petty
  4. The non-Tea Party guy who asked "where were you [during the Bush presidency]." Nice shot 
Losers (in reverse order with the losingest contestants placed last):
  1. Woot Lady. She thinks she is helping but her dumbness keeps getting in the way
  2. MSM. You got your headline, but what did you do to further the discussion?
  3. The American People. We are sandwiched between the Woot People and the MSM and we have no where to go 

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