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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look For the Union Label. Then Run Away.

Sorry to insult all you unionistas out there, but someone has to tell the truth about where America's century-long fling with organized labor has gotten us. There was a time when labor unions in the private sector were not only needed to protect workers, they were necessary. We don't live in that era anymore. There has never been a time when workers needed to be protected in the public sector, and you'll have an impossible time convincing me that public sector unions are anything more than political campaign treasure chests. And NEA supporters, please spare me. If you cared about the children you'd stop donating to Democrats (exclusively) and you'd give your campaign donations directly to the school districts that need it. The system you're supporting isn't working.

Union thugs: if you want to chase me down today and intimidate me or break my legs or something, I'll be in Toms River this morning and Atlantic City tonight.

Let's look at what the union label gets us:
  • American cars are expensive and lemon-like so we all buy Hondas: Union leadership
  • American made consumer products are too expensive so we all buy cheap Chinese crap: Union leadership
  • America's students are falling behind the rest of developed world in every category? Union leadership
  • Have you ever dealt with the DMV or any other government agency? Union leadership 
Until we solve the union problem in this country all the other problems will continue to fester. Don't hate me just because I'm right.

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