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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London's Burning. Why? Because We Can

The American mainstream media, jealous that thugs haven't been bothered to torch one of our cities, are wringing their hands and dribbling into their grande Cinnamon Dolce Lattes trying to figure out why these wonderful young people are destroying their own neighborhoods.

Since the UK doesn't have a Tea Party this task has been made much more difficult. Could it be the lack of opportunity? Maybe it's the Tories? I know! shouts a bright young intern from NYU, they are alienated, I learned that in sociology last semester.

Well, society is to blame, but not for the reasons we are told.

These losers think they are entitled to steal other people's property because, well, they haven't been taught either by their families or their society that what's mine is not yours. They have been taught the exact opposite: if someone has something that you don't have they have acquired it at your expense.

Class warfare, that favorite tool of the Left, has come back to bite the entire country right on their collective behinds.

These people are not to be coddled, or worried about, or understood. They should be treated as the criminals and degenerates they are and they should be taught that mob rule doesn't mesh with those of us aho are trying to make society work.

When a political philosophy engenders sympathy by teaching people who are struggling that everything that happens to them is the fault of someone else, particularly successful people, you get what's been happening in the UK the past few days.

Save me the lecture about disenfranchisement, cuts to recreation centers, police brutality and all of your false hopes for enlightenment. This is about thuggery, class warfare and ignorance. Doesn't much matter to me whose fault it is. I'm a pretty simple person: the fault lies squarely at the feet of the person who steals from me or burns down my house. Motivation is not my concern, actions are.

By the way America...I'd be paying attention if I were you.

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