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Monday, August 1, 2011

I Hate The Tea Party

Everyone needs someone to hate. We all need a psychological voodoo doll to stick our imaginary pins into when things don't go our way. Dogs have cats, my first wife has me. You're thinking right now about that person in your life who's at fault for all of this crap you are going through.

The United States has the Tea Party. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) just confirmed it in an interview - everything that is wrong with the debt deal is the Tea Party's fault, the poor Dems who really care about the little guy just couldn't out-vote them. I got into some conversations over the weekend with some extremely narrow-minded libs who turned red in the face as they told me the Tea Party was to blame for all of the mess in Washington. The line of fault goes from George Bush to the Tea Party while Barack Obama stands around shrugging with his hands pulling his pockets like the Poor Tax guy from Monopoly.

Except that the Tea Party was the only pro-active caucus involved in the debt negotiations. Except that the Tea Party is right when it comes to their fiscal views. Except that the debt deal was for the most part hated by the Tea Party. I might hasten to add at this point that the base Tea Party doesn't have a social agenda to speak of - their's is an agenda of fiscal responsibility only. So, I have to look askew at those of you who don't agree with fiscal responsibility.

I know some folks who support President Obama without fault are even blaming the lack of a "jobs bill" on the Tea Party. Jobs bill? What the hell is Congress going to do to create jobs? Another stimulus? The best jobs bill Congress can put forth is to get out of the way.

The Tea Party has sort of become "Dad" to everyone in this country to the Left of John McCain. I picked John McCain because he is pretty far to the Left already and I didn't want to be accused of thinking all of you people out there who are not secure enough to be Libertarians are Lefties. Anyway, the Tea Party has become the guy who takes the keys away on Friday night and makes you clean up your room right after you clean up the dog poop in the back yard because Aunt Mildred is coming over tomorrow, and well, for chrissakes this place is a mess and you live here too.

In a word - Dad.

America should take note that the Tea Party got out-voted by the following:
  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • The MSM
  • President Obama
So when things still stall out and your Jabba The Hut government continues to suck the life out of the economy, blame one of the above because the Tea Party is doing America's work.

I wasn't a Tea Party guy before last Friday, but I sure as hell am now.

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