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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CWA & IBEW: Remember, You Let These Guys Into Your House

Here's some more raw video of your favorite unionistas from Verizon.

A couple of fun things to watch for in the video from your friendly neighborhood New Jersey CWA and IBEW Union members:
  1. The guy with the ponytail flashing gang signs at the driver (plus the old bird too) - 1:06
  2. The guy with the Elway jersey threatening the van driver and the pony-tail guy saying "You got it easy today, wait 'till we show up where you working." - 2:47
Keep in mind, when you do business with Verizon, you are supporting these people and tacitly approving of their behavior.

Videos contain graphic language.

NJ: CLICK HERE (In an example of CWA & IBEW union members not wanting to publicize their behavior and tactics, this video was pulled shortly after it went public)

King Street, Manhattan: CLICK HERE

CWA & IBEW members after being told they cannot stay on Verizon property: CLICK LINK

Intimidation tactics used by CWA & IBEW union members in Albany, NY: CLICK LINK

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