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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The County Fair

Spent Saturday night at the local county fair. We did the typical stuff you do at a county fair - ate bad food, watched a magician, watched a dog agility contest, listened to some live music, looked at the sheep, goats, and pigs, ate some more bad food and wandered through the tents filled with vendors of all kinds of high and low quality stuff. The sounds and smells of America - kettle corn, livestock, machinery and the Midway - are something every one of us needs to connect to at least once a summer.

We had a great time.

The particular fair we visited was the Monmouth County Fair in Freehold. We don't live in Monmouth County but the fairgrounds are only minutes from our house and our county fair is an example of why these things get bad reputations.

Back to the great time.

The place was mobbed but the people strolling the grounds were about being part of a community and having a good time. Even the two groups of annoying teenagers we encountered were more quaint than threatening.

With the foolishness of the Federal government looming in the background it was a great confidence booster to be among real people, doing real things, in a way that made us all remember why being an American is actually a good thing, and not the bad thing our media and all of those foreigners would have us believe. That's not a xenophobic statement in the least because you have to admit we catch a lot of grief.

Agriculture, craftsmanship, small business and kids learning how their world works. Those are the things that made this country great and it was a special treat to spend the night reveling in the fact that those things are alive and well thank you very much and soundly thriving outside of the Beltway.

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