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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Case Against Ron Paul

I have supported Libertarian causes since 1992. I have suffered in silence while my well-intentioned partners in personal liberty have shot themselves in the foot time after time. I see success on the horizon but there is a major obstacle in the way.

Democrats are afraid of Libertarians because we advocate cutting the apron strings from the nanny-state and that's hard for them. The mainstream GOP is also afraid of Libertarians because for the most part they have a pretty good thing going being right-handed Democrats and well, even people in abusive relationships sometimes find it hard to move on.

The 2012 election will be the most important election in our lifetime and most likely the most important election for the next fifty years. Libertarians are rejoicing because they finally have a candidate that is doing well in national polls and who came in second in the Iowa straw poll.

Ron Paul in 2012.

I am scared to death of Ron Paul because he is naive enough to think that he alone can change the course of an entire country instantaneously. America has been wandering the desert of stupidity and largess since 1932 and it will take longer than 80 years to introduce a lazy country to the joys of freedom. Take small steps people and stay the course.

The college crowd is Paul's biggest block of supporters, and here's why: This is what they hear when he speaks:
"Blah blah blah blah anti-war blah blah blah troops out of Iraq blah blah blah pull out of Afghanistan now blah blah blah blah."
That anti-war filter also brought us Richard Nixon via George McGovern, and Richard Nixon was a horrible president and we're still suffering from his horribleness.

I agree with Paul, we should be out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but let me explain the problem with Paul's views.

The American government is like a shady contractor that has little clue how to remodel a house but has lots of bravado and money. This contractor spends plenty of cash on hiring the right workers, but no cash and or forethought into how to actually do the work. So, America the Contractor shows up, tears open the roof and walls, puts that blue tarp stuff over it and then doesn't answer your calls when you attempt to find out when the hell he's going to come to finish the job. Well, now you've got a house that's torn apart and leaky and you can't just leave it that way. You realize you shouldn't have hired America the Contractor in the first place, but once the job is started you've got to finish it, even without a plan.

We've made a mess and walking away from it will only cause that mess to announce itself on our front doors. Ask President Obama how easy it is to end the wars in the the Middle East.

Next up on the docket is Paul's insane assertions about Iran. Sure, in political theory Iran has the right to have nuclear weapons. But, America the Contractor has parked a giant dumpster of messiness in the region which left Iran in a position of power and craziness that must be reckoned with. We can be Libertarians, but if we don't live in the real world we put the country at peril.

We have to live in the world as it exists, not in the world of our theories and fantasies. We are on the brink of having a seat at the table and we must be serious about our place at that table. We have spent decades bringing our ideas of fiscal sanity, small government, personal responsibility and individual freedom into the political arena. Sure Ron Paul is on target on much of his agenda, but he is also dangerously far off the reservation on some very important points.

Don't destroy years of hard work on the first candidate that gets attention. That would be a disaster for Libertarians and a bigger disaster for America, because they'll just go vote for a status quo politician instead. We need to turn the wheel to the Right to keep the car on the road, and if we choose the wrong candidate and the American car continues veering to the Left we're all in the ditch.

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