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Monday, August 15, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now? CWA / IBEW Strikers Told Not To Throw Feces

New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Marybeth Rogers granted an injunction against striking IBEW Local 827 workers on Friday. It is not uncommon for companies that have been hit by strikes to seek injunctions against picketers blocking entrances and exits and things of that nature. It is unusual for judges to have to admonish union workers not to throw feces around. Typically your mom teaches you that at a young age, and then later on, peer pressure keeps you from slinging the hash, but apparently the members of IBEW Local 827 need to be reminded.

Here's some of the things in the injunction:
  • Strikers barred from entering any Verizon property unless they are performing their duties as Verizon employees under the direction of Verizon. (Pretty standard)
  • Rules were also set for recording, video taping or photographing any individual at any Verizon or affiliated company. (Pretty standard)
  • No more than six picketers at the entrance to any Verizon property allowed at any one time. (A video posted last week by an IBEW member and quickly pulled down showed about 30 strikers intimidating Verizon employees as they tried to continue serving the public)
  • Vandalism, violence, harassment, obstruction, intimidating, threatening, blocking or trespassing were all judged to be bad things to do. (Unfortunately standard with union strikers)
  • Picketing or assembling in front of private homes being serviced by Verizon employees. (Downright scary stuff)
  • Picketers may not have animals present. (Trust me, the unionistas are not bringing their kitties)
Here's the best part:
"Dropping, spreading, throwing, placing or otherwise causing nails, glass, cinder block, spikes, feces, clubs, rocks, screws, or puncture devices of any kind, or other object or debris to be thrown or strewn in, on, or about Verizon’s driveways, parking lots, entrances, exits, vehicles and adjoining roads to any of Verizon’s property or at any work site."
Sometimes when I go to the safari park I see the orangutans throwing around their feces. I would never expect a person that might come into my home to fix my FiOS to have to be told not to throw around poop of his own making or from some other poop-producing creature. And I used to worry about them taking their shoes off before they came in the house. Boy, do I feel dumb.

Intimidation, using your daughter to block a van, throwing feces. This my friends, is what passes for fighting for the little guy in the class warfare age of Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

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