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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are The Tea Party People Terrorists?

Messenging. Messenging. Messenging.

Common-sense approaches to serious problems are being obfuscated by messenging and the Tea Party and conservatives in general are once again in danger of being on the losing end of the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. Not because our message is wrong, but because we don't know how to get our message out like the other side does.

Here's what one enlightened Democrat replied to me when I asked him what the Tea Party stood for:
Elimination of taxes, Medicare, Social Security, funding for public education, etc....
Now I will admit I'd be one of the first people to cheer the elimination of taxes, but I am not dumb. I am also not stupid. And I am not a moron. And I pretty much think you'd have to be all three of those things to actually utter the words elimination of taxes.

I had a wife once, way back when I had a mullet and a Pontiac Firebird and was listening to Motley Crue, who didn't make sense. She would just utter the first totally bizarre thing that came to mind and I would be so gobsmacked with stupidity at her utterances all I could do was stammer and stutter and then mumble something along the lines of "errrrr, ummm, so do you." In a word, she was irrational. And as a moderately intelligent, rational, 1980's living, Pontiac driving, hair-metal listening all-American fella I could not comprehend the complete lack of sense that was being spewed in my direction, so I ducked and waited around to have a rational conversation.

And waited.

And waited.

I lost every argument I ever had with her.

Flash forward to the era of Katy Perry and Justin Beiber and I now find myself in the same non-sensical conversations with practically an entire country. Elimination of taxes. I had no reply to him because it was so out of left field and so completely lacking in basic intelligence that my brain was not able to slow down to his speed in time to continue the conversation. I just sat there and looked dumb. Plus, I didn't want to hurt his feelings by laughing at him.

The Tea Party is losing the messenging war with the extreme Left, the moderate Left, the MSM and the mainstream of the Republican Party. This is going to wind up being an incredible tragedy.

Dear Tea Party members,

First of all, accept the fact that you might have to dumb down your arguments, depending on your current foe. It's okay to be dumb once in a while to get your points across. Just make sure you can recover - don't stay down too long!

Don't try to counter an irrational argument with a rational one. Counter it with a slight change of course until the irrational person understands where you are trying to go.

Don't get caught up in deep philosophical conversations with statists and unionistas who only know one way to live - at the teat of someone else. Focus your talking points on lowering taxes, saving Medicare and Social Security, eventual tax reform and a return to the fiscal policies that we all keep to in our private lives. Win the battle on our turf - the field of common-sense, and let the demagogues and partially educated amongst us live in their faux world of government safety. Just very quietly appeal to their sense of wanting to eat and go to Disneyworld and we can take back the country a bit at a time.

I am offended by the utter stupidity of people who ignorantly disagree with a philosophy of lowering taxes by calling supporters of that philosophy terrorists, just like I was offended by the torrent of non-sense that streamed from my ex's mouth. I've just learned over the years to put aside the being offended part and concentrate on the common-sense part.

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