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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday: Whitefish to Missoula

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

I guess because of Global Warming, The Road To The Sun had its latest opening ever, caused by run-off from the immense winter snows. Now that I know Global Warming causes the Earth to get colder and with lots more precipitation, I understand things so much better.


Remember what I said about the scenery yesterday? Well, today, on the other side of the Road, the scenery is really something to behold.

The ride up was about two and a half hours with a lot of stopping and waiting at the parts of the road that were down to one lane because of rockslides and snow melt. The highlight of the day was digging my hand into a pile of snow during one of the roadside waits and eating a few mouthfuls of glacial ice. It was nice to taste water the way it was intended - no plastic, no chemicals, nothing but cold water. The energy it gave my body was amazing and whether it was from exhilaration or actual nutrition didn't much matter.

The top of the pass was a madhouse with cars, bikers, motorhomes and whatever else all vying for a very few parking spots. Walking the ice field of the glacier in a tee-shirt with the warm July sun beating on my soon-to-be-overly-sunburned face was amazing. The cigarette butt one of the members of our group tossed onto the ice field wasn't. Really? You're gonna flick your cigarette butt here? In this place? Right, and I'm an ugly American. Like I said, I keep to myself a lot.

The joy of the mountain climb was tempered a bit by the three hours of rain we drove through on the way down to Missoula.

I got to our room first and broke out my laptop to get some work done. My roomie came in a few minutes later and, without saying a word, threw his laptop and camera on the same desk I was working on, leaving me about a quarter of the surface area. Lest you think I didn't say anything, I did, but he said he had to upload his pictures. Right, sit on the frickin' bed and have some manners. Or at least ask or something. Like I said, I keep to myself, so I moved and graciously let him have the whole table.  

Missoula just off the Interstate - don't order the Irish food. In fact, go next door to the Wendy's.

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