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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Libertarian Manifesto: What Exactly Does The Left Have To Be Afraid Of Anyway?

The Left's refusal to look at even the most basic tenets of Libertarianism got me to thinking, What the hell is their problem exactly? Reading the likes of Eric Boehlert, Alan Colmes, and anyone who writes for the New York Times or Washington Post, plus reading dozens and dozens of nasty tweets everyday, and then tuning in the Lettermans, Stewarts and Mahrs of the world,  I have become concerned for the overall mental health of Democrats and labor union folks in general and Obama supporters, Statists and Leftists in particular.

It's really not that bad kids. Knowing this led me to jot down a few areas of difference between those of us who actually know what we stand for and the great unwashed Leftists and Statists that waddle amongst us, telling us how bad we suck and how weak we all are.
  • Limited government. I believe I know better how to manage my life than a civil servant or elected official does. You do realize elected officials are just people who couldn't make it in the private sector, right? Obviously people who are Statists feel they need the guidance of the aforementioned folks in their everyday lives, and therefore they figure I do too.
  • Personal responsibility. I believe that human beings are ultimately responsible for their actions, successes and failures. Obviously the folks on the other side feel they are not capable of being responsible for themselves, and therefore either are the rest of us, hence the need for centralized, powerful government.
  • Self-determination. This is where you "conservatives" lose credibility. As long as your rights do not interfere with my rights then I do not have the right to tell you how to live your life - even if what you do is incomprehensible to me. Conservative thought in this country is lost in a swamp of forced conformity, while Liberal thought is lost in a sea of condescension.
  • Tolerance. Don't attempt to convince me that Leftists and Statists are "tolerant," because the argument is laughable. Liberal thought forces minorities to be treated differently by society, therefore keeping the minority languishing on the outskirts of the mainstream. I don't mean in actuality, I mean in self-conception. As soon as you treat any individual or group differently because of the differences you yourself perceive in them, you are acting in a condescendingly racist manner. Your intentions aren't part of the equation, your results are. If you think a group needs your help, by definition you think you are superior to members of that group, and, well, you're not.
  • Class Warfare. If you complain about somebody having more than you, you are a child. If you have more than someone else but you keep what you have and don't give it to them in order to equal each other out, you are a hypocrite. If you insist that millionaires and billionaires should pay more to support you and others like you, you are a thief. If you do any of the above in support of group-think you are either a union thug or a Democrat. Regardless of where you fit in here, I feel sorry for you and your self-perceived weaknesses.
  • Freedom. You don't want me telling you what to do, because then you wouldn't be able to drive when I do, you wouldn't be able to go to the store when I go and you would only watch documentaries and listen to reggae. Likewise, don't tell me what I should do either.
  • Charity. A grown adult who is physically and mentally healthy does not need my help. I am no better than they are and they are no weaker than I am. You cannot legislate lack of motivation out of existence. Likewise, the child of irresponsible people deserves protection, but you fool yourself if you think civil servants are the best people to provide that protection.
  • Crisis. Life is a bitch, but everything that comes our way is not a crisis. The budget is not a crisis, immigration is not a crisis, terrorism is not a crisis. Those and the million other crisis' I don't have the energy to list are problems that need to be solved, but the world is not melting because of fossil fuels and we're all not going to die tomorrow. Adults don't look at every little thing they confront as a crisis. 
I really find it hard to fathom that there is a majority of people in this country who can be intellectually honest with themselves and disagree with me at the same time. That's the biggest crisis of all.

Note at the Bottom of Page: If you are offended somehow by something you read here, it's okay, really, I'm okay with that. Read it again, even out loud if you have to, and then call your significant other into the room and read it to them. Eventually, you will be able to put aside your preconceived notions of your own life and you will come to realize that what you've read here is nothing more than plain old common sense. You're welcome.

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