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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Morning Fights: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz vs. Michelle Bachmann

This week's media darling, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is a hero to the MSM for standing up to the vicious verbal assault perpetrated upon her by Allen West in a private email. An email she decided to make public so she could become a hero to the MSM. How dare Mr. West call Ms. Wasserman-Schultz names? The outrage! Allen West's mistake here was not understanding that Wasserman-Schultz is a politician first, whereas West lives in a world where honor and integrity matter.

I have been being told for the past 48 hours how horrible West is, how wonderful, honorable and weak and in need of the defense Wasserman-Schultz is, oh, and I was also told that Michelle Bachmann suffers migraines so she can't be president.

Let's make a list. Italicized comments are the Reality-Based Libertarian view of each bullet point.

  • Violated code of honor on floor of Congress by calling out a colleague who was not present to defend himself. Brilliant political ploy but lacking in integrity
  • Further violated code of honor by making West's email public in order to get publicity. See above
  • Feels hate crimes against veterans and soldiers legislation is a "joke" and that vets and soldiers do not deserve the same protection as other groups currently protected by hate crime laws. Hate crime legislation is stupid and unnecessary and only exists to make people feel good about themselves without accomplishing anything. It does say something about D W-S's view of the people who fight for this country though, doesn't it?
  • Pro-choice. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form, but I will not fault her for her beliefs
  • Anti-2nd Amendment. Politicians like D W-S are the reason there even is a 2nd Amendment in the first place
  • Pro Gay rights. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form
  • Critical of Stupak-Pitts bill which limited tax-payer funded abortions. Her views are diametrically in opposition to personal liberty and responsibility and only foster government control over personal lives
  • Claims GOP support of Israel is only because of "Armageddon and other biblical references." What an utterly stupid, ill-informed thing to say. Shame on anyone who actually gives this a moment's thought
  • Claims Democrats "own the economy" and that Obama is solely responsible for 14 months of "job growth" even though unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office. Pure political spin and a good example of why the country is going to hell in a handbasket
  • Defended Anthony Weiner saying it was a "personal matter and should be left at that." Politics before personal integrity
  • Claims Florida is under imminent threat from Global Warming. Just more proof she is a very naive person
  • Claims we would all be "driving foreign cars" if Feds did not bailout auto industry. Ahem, Chrysler is now owned by Fiat and Ford helped itself. GM is the only union thug controlled company that came running to the Feds to correct their incompetence without finding an honorable way out of their problems  
Michelle Bachmann
  • Gets headaches. I'm glad this story died a quick death. How utterly stupid of the MSM to pursue it in the first place
  • Voted against troop surge to Iraq in 2007. If you believe we shouldn't even be there at all or that it is time to draw down, like our President promised in the '08 campaign, you have to agree with her
  • Opposed Higher Education Finance bill that effectively removed private sector lending institutions from the student loan sector while not reforming any other portion of education. Only union thugs and their minions actually believe the Feds should be involved in education at all
  • Introduced Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act so you could decide what light bulbs to use in your own home. The sin of this is that there was even a need for such a bill. You do understand you will be told what light bulbs to light your house with?
  • Favors domestic oil production. Green energy and green jobs are not the immediate answer to our current needs, and shame on you for thinking otherwise. You are obviously very simple of thought
  • Disagrees with Global Warming Orthodoxy. I will admit it's pretty hot out there today. Oh wait, it's summertime
  • Opposed TARP. Probably hard for most people to understand that government intervention in the free market ALWAYS leads to further complications
  • Introduced repeal of Dodd-Frank Act, which history will likely show as a major contributor to the continuing recession we are in despite spin to the contrary. Look it up
  • Anti-Gay Rights. She is wrong here as this is not the government's business
  • Pro-2nd Amendment. Ohhhh, Michelle Bachmann likes guns. Read the amendment.
  • Pro-Life. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form, but I will not fault her for her beliefs
It's easy to see why the MSM hates Bachmann and gives her the hard time they do while giving Wasserman-Schultz a pass on everything.

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