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Friday, July 8, 2011

TWIR: Going Rogue Edition

I will be taking a break from politics next week, because quite frankly, I am beginning to bore myself. Plus, I will be taking part in a motorcycle charity ride across British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. I am riding for a charity that will be raising money for the families of US servicemen (please click here if you want to learn more or you want to donate to this very worthy cause). Since I will likely break the speed limit once or twice I feel comfortable with the whole Going Rogue moniker for this week's The Week In Review.

  1. The country added 18,000 jobs last month. Unemployment is at 9.2%. Here is who is to blame:
    1. President Obama, because he thinks in vague, esoteric theories shrouded in political cronyism and not in terms of how the world actually works.
    2. The United States Senate. Seriously, they should change their name to One-Hundred Inept Pompous Asses in Public Service. We will not be great again until the entire chamber is emptied of the current inhabitants and replaced with new blood.
    3. The House of Representatives. Apparently we were sold a bucket of bullshit last November, because the Republicans and the Democrats are too interested in winning arguments than they are in correcting the economic course of the country. Obviously even new blood didn't help here so we have no other choice but to empty the chamber once again.
    4. The US mass media. Left or Right, Limbaugh or Matthews, it doesn't matter. The agenda driven news business in this country only serves to deepen the wedge between us, which only results in our current inability to come together as a nation to fix our problems.
  2. You cannot be Pro-Life at the beginning and for the death penalty at the end without a lot of rationalization in between. Once you start rationalizing your belief systems your credibility floats away. It was the bloodlust for revenge that set Casey Anthony free.
  3. The Left, particularly Eric Boehlert, are having a field day with the fact that a Rupert Murdoch owned paper got involved in some illegal activities in the UK. Glee at the bad fortune (whether self-imposed or not) of others almost invariably comes back to bite you in the ass by forcing you to defend someone on your side who doesn't deserve it.
  4. At this point I am officially in motorcycle charity ride mode and my brain is free from politics. The depth of the blessing of being able to do the ride I am doing for the charity I am doing it for hasn't quite set in yet, but it's starting to...
  5. I'll be posting pictures here and on my Facebook page and blogging here and here, so please join me for a week of no politics and just some pure enjoyment and travel.
Have a nice weekend.

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