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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raquel Nelson: Another Example Of Government Pressing Its Boot On The Throat Of Innocents

Thirty-year old Raquel Nelson, of Georgia, was convicted by a jury of her "peers" of homicide by vehicle in the death of her four-year old son. Nelson faced faced three years in prison and the destruction of her family but received probation.

Nelson and her three children exited a bus at an official Cobb County bus stop near her home in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta. The bus stop was located 3/10 of a mile from the nearest legal crosswalk. The sun had set and Ms. Nelson made the decision to cross the four lane highway directly in front of the official bus stop so she could get her children home before dark. It's important to note that the official Cobb County bus stop was placed directly across the highway from the large apartment complex where Nelson and her children lived.

A car driven by Jerry Guy struck Nelson's son, killing him instantly. Guy admitted to drinking and taking pain killers before the accident when he was arrested after fleeing the scene. Guy received six months in jail.

Each member of the jury answered that they did not rely on public transportation and only one answered he had ever taken a bus before. If they had, they would've realized how many obstructions are placed by government and mass transit authorities in the way of citizens who rely on mass transit.

The judge sentenced Nelson to one year probation and gave her the option of another trial so she could possibly clear her name of the conviction. In choosing to go to trial again she would also theoretically run the risk of being convicted of heavier charges, in spite of Constitutional protections against double indemnity. It's hard to imagine a prosecutor who would file the ridiculous charges against Ms. Nelson in the first place removing his boot from Ms. Nelson's throat in a second trial.

Ms. Nelson is a victim of terrible happenstance and criminal activity. She is also the victim of governmental stupidity. The government of Cobb County, Georgia, provided the bus stop but failed to provide a safe crosswalk for her and her three small children to use. If the county was serious about protecting its citizens the bus stop would have been moved 3/10 of a mile to the crosswalk, or vice-versa.

Once again, as we allow the government to intrude into all aspects of our lives, we also allow the government to make decisions that defy logic and commonsense. The government agencies involved here allowed a drunk driver who perpetrated a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of a child to receive only six months in jail, while the mother who was merely trying to get her children home safely was charged with homicide by vehicle because she was crossing the street at the wrong place and, thanks to Jerry Guy, at the wrong time.

Keep in mind, the government that was ultimately responsible for the idiotic placement of the bus stop and the crosswalk took zero responsibility. This my friends is just another example of why we should all fear government and question authority.

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