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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President Obama Wants Us To Email Our Congresspersons In Support Of His Bad Idea

The markets aren't panicked. The business sector isn't panicked. The only people who are panicked are Obama and his supporters.
  • We are going to pay our bills even if we don't raise the debt ceiling
  • Remember back in April when we were facing the exact same dilemma that came and went with no disaster?
  • We've already been downgraded somewhat, and if our credit rating gets downgraded further maybe the American people will actually start caring a little bit about the people they send to represent me (and them)
Our president wants us to email our representatives to tell them we support him. This is kind of like the little kid who gets in a fight with another little kid, so he goes to all of the other little kids in his class to try to get them on his side in his fight with the other little kid. How about this? Grow up and lead instead of worrying about keeping Michelle, the mother-in-law and the kids in the White House.

But as a good American who wants to work with my president I will help you do as he asks. CLICK HERE for the Congressional email directory. Just throw in your state and your Zip +4 and contact your Representative.

Tell him or her:
  • That you're tired of being put in a panic by politicians who are floundering to figure things out
  • That you don't support revenue increases in any way, shape, matter or form because there is no revenue problem
  • That you want your government to start representing you because you pay for the government
  • That unless a particular political party supports spending reform including Medicare, entitlements and defense you will not support them
  • That a balanced approach means reforms that are fair and blind and across all sectors of the economy, not just taxing the rich and their airplanes
  • That you are becoming incredibly fatigued with demagoguery and you really just want the government to shut up and get their work done so you can get on with living your life
  • That you are expecting leadership, not politics
Here is a copy of the email I have just sent my Senators:

Dear Senator Lautenberg,
I am a constituent of yours and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly disappointed I am in the representation I am receiving in Washington.

Please tell your colleagues in the Senate to stop their political posturing and work on a bill to solve our current deficit problem much like you would work to solve problems in your own business or home. The Crisis Manufacturing being perpetrated by President Obama and your Majority Leader is only going to serve to further inflame the political divide that currently has our country in an economic purgatory.
I will support an incumbent Senate candidate in the next election who has a track record of supporting me and my family or I will support a non-incumbent candidate who most closely indentifies him or herself with my desire to get America working again.
Most Sincerely,
Jack Sharkey
Jackson, NJ

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